2005 Event Archives

January: General Meeting
Welcome to new member, Ron Toth.

February: General Meeting
Butch Tarras demonstrates and Gene Olson receives an award.

February: Lame Duk Kup Kite Fly

March: General Meeting
“Transmission Night with Dr. Carl Cederstrand”

March: Air Museum
(Event rained out)

April: General Meeting
Hobby Night: cars, coins, banjos, fencing and more.

April:  Desert Wildflower Run

April: Tribute to the Goodmans

May: General Meeting
Members reminisce about their (what else?) TCs

May: TCMG/VMG Petersen Museum Tour

June: General Meeting
“Parking lot car show”

June: Bouquet Canyon Cherry Run

July: General Meeting and Henkels Picnic

July: GoF West 2005

August: General Meeting
Old Movie Night at Simon Museum

August: Tuna Canyon Drive

September: General Meeting

September: Kinetic Sculpture Races

October: General Meeting and Halloween Potluck

October: TCMG/ARR Conclave

November: General Meeting
David McCanne on Model Trains

November:  Nethercutt Museum Tour

December: Holiday Party in San Diego

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