2008 Event Archives

January: General Meeting
Gordon Bundy: “Tales of Restoring a Classic Chris Craft”

February: General Meeting
Joyce Edgar: “Looking Back on 30 Years in Law Enforcement”

February:   DaFinchy Ode Rally (Lame Duck Cup)

March: General Meeting
Tony Henkels: “Adventures in Restoring a 1928 Lincoln Limousine”

March:  Run to the Snow (Angeles Crest Lunch Tour)

April: General Meeting
Dick Messer: “The Petersen Auto Museum: An Automotive Fantasy”

April: Joe Douglass Wildflower Run
Tour to the TCMG Poppy Reserve

April: Riverside International Museum
Combined tour with Vintage MG Club of Southern California

May: General Meeting
Stan Belland: “Suing Iran: Trying a Case in the World Court”

June:  Annual Picnic at the Henkles’

June: Pacific Easley Railroad Tour

July: General Meeting
Steve Simmons: “Adventures of a Camera Man”

July: GoF  West 2008

August: Old Movie Night at the Simons’ Auto Museum

September: General Meeting
Pete Thelander: “Some Experiences in Acquiring and Restoring My NE Magnette”

October: Annual Halloween Party Pot Luck Dinner

October: TCMG/ARR 2008 Conclave

November:General Meeting
Larry Einhorn: “Good Eats”

November: 33rd Annual VMG Parts Exchange
(unofficial event)

December: Holiday Party & Annual Meeting

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