1957 TCMG / ARR Conclave

San Luis Obispo, California

The first conclave was held September 27-29, 1957 in San Luis Obispo, California.  The location was the Motor Inn, built in 1923 and credited as the world’s first motel.  A sign was made to commemorate the event, and all TCMG and ARR members in attendance signed their names upon it.  This sign still exists today in the care of the TCMG historian.


Images of the first conclave

The 8mm footage below was provided by TCMG member Ron Simon, who was president at the time.  Lucien Remy was the ARR president and can be seen in the first shot of the film.  Ron and Lucien are shown shaking hands in a later scene.

More history and photos of this historic conclave will be posted soon.

List of known attendees, as listed on the signed Conclave poster:

Left Side – TCMG Members

H. Warren Williams
Jay Brennan
Dwane Carlson
Gary Mechsen (sp?)
Don Carmichael
Dale Gilson (sp?)
Ron Simon (President TCMG)
Helen Stone
Bill Stone
Bill Fulton
Leota Wilson
Harvey Doty

Right Side – ARR Members

Rod Somre (sp?)
Bob Pringle
Tony Gould
Lucien Remy (President ARR)
David Koll
Bob Koll
Irene Fieldhouse
Betty Wilson
Glen Wilson
Bill Fieldhouse (Red MG NB with checkered grill)
Sue Gibbel
Bruce Gibbel
Ray Battine (sp?)

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