1961 TCMG / ARR Conclave

San Simeon, California

Lineup at the 1961 TCMG / ARR Conclave in San Simeon.

Lineup at the 1961 TCMG / ARR Conclave in San Simeon. (Click to enlarge)

The 5th annual conclave was held September 16-17, 1961.  Although officially held in San Simeon, the group stayed at McNally Motel in Cambria Pines. If you have any photos, stories or info to contribute, please send them to Steve Simmons.

Jim Crandall writes: “There are only 20 people in the photo and I’m sure there were more than 10 cars there. I took some pix at that event- my first Conclave-because I remember a shot of one of the ARR guys with a dog on his tonneau.”

Allan Chalmers writes: “The dog on tonneau was Lucien’s, who used to fly thru corners with aplomb.  Only fell off once.  In our blazingly fast ride from Carmel to Nepenthe, with Lucien and Linda, Joe & Jean Douglass in TCs and me in  my 55 Magnette, I took the dog!”

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Who are these people?!?

We believe that we have identified most of the people in the above photo.  If you can help to identify more, or make corrections to the names, please contact us!  Below is a photo showing who we believe the people in the photo are.  Click the image to enlarge.

1. Joe Douglass
2. Unknown
3. Allan Chalmers
4. Norma Crandall
5. Unknown
6. Ron Simon
7. Bobbie Simon
8. Unknown
9. Unknown
10. Ilene Wimer
11. Harvey Schnaer
12. Jeanne Douglass
13. Von Schnaer
14. Unknown
15. Unknown
16. Linda Remy
17. Doug Wimer
18. Unknown
19. Lucien Remy
20. Bill Fieldhouse

Others reported to be in attendance are:

Jim Crandall
Duane Carlson (Duane’s TC on far left of lineup photo)
Dave Gumz
Clarence and Barbara Weiss

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