1968 TCMG / ARR Conclave

Kings Canyon, California

Lineup at the 1968 TCMG / ARR Conclave at Kings Canyon.

Lineup at the 1968 TCMG / ARR Conclave at Kings Canyon. (Click to enlarge)

The 12th annual conclave was held in September, 1968 at Kings Canyon, California.  There appear to be at least 20 cars in the lineup photo.  If you can identify where these photos were taken or who was in them, please contact Steve Simmons.

A story from the 1968 Conclave by David Edgar, taken from the 2010 TCMG newsletter:

A past tradition at the Annual TCMG / ARR Conclave required ARR member, Dave Gumz to enliven the Saturday evening cocktail gathering with a few tunes on his bagpipes. A desire to participate in this annual ritual overwhelmed TCMG members, Jim Crandall and Clarence Weiss and for one year, they secretly studied the pipes with legendary Hollywood piper, Dan Hood. They only learned about six tunes on that devilish instrument but it was enough to stun Dave Gumz into temporary inaction as they marched out of a nearby cabin, playing his signature tune, The Barren Rocks of Eden. The whole enclave was shocked and awed, especially TCMG member, Beverly Stuart of Bakersfield, CA, who was so overcome with Celtic emotion (and Johnny Walker Black) that he broke two sticks off of a nearby bush, positioned them crossed on the ground,  treated us all to an authentic, Scottish sword dance. This cacophonous cocktail concert was repeated only once at the next year’s Conclave, then died a merciful death.

And Alan Chalmers had this minor correction to add:

Jim and Clarence quietly learned the bagpipes and in 68, came out skirling to the absolute amazement of everyone.  Except Gumz, who was in on it.  I can remember it like yesterday.  What a laugh we all got, including Barbara, who knew but was just taking a slug of a coke, and spit it all out like a geyser on the first squacky notes.


Images from the 1968 conclave

Known members in attendance

If you can make additions or corrections to this list, please contact Steve Simmons.

Jim Crandall
Clarence & Barbara Weiss
Doug & Ilene Wimer
Joe Douglass
Dick Miura
Alan Chalmers
Dave Gumz
Beverly Stuart

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