1989 TCMG / ARR Conclave

Wawona, California

Lineup at the 1989 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Wowona

Lineup at the 1989 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Wowona.

The 33rd annual conclave was held in Wawona.  There were 63 people in attendance, with 9 TCs plus one TA and a J2 coming from ARR.  18 TCs (one a TA) are seen in the photos – 14 in front row, 3 on walkway behind, and Miller’s car on tow truck.  There may have been more out of frame.

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Known members in attendance with TCs (33)
Name Club Affiliation
Altshuler, Stan & Lorna ARR
Barkhau, Bill & Beverly ARR
Borgardt, Frank & Carol ARR
Camp, Bill & Betty ARR
Chalmers, Linda & Allan ARR / TCMG
Crandall, Jim & Norma TCMG
Frank, Phil & Susan ARR
Hall, Betty & Sam Miller ARR
Lutz, Jon & Betsy TCMG
McKarney, Bob & Nancy TCMG
Pohle, Ed & Karen ARR
Roth, Gene & Deana TCMG
Sanders, Terry & Sarah ARR
Swackhamer, Barry & Sue ARR
Thelander, Pete & Fran TCMG
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Weiss, Clarence TCMG
Wimer, Doug TCMG
Members and guests in attendance without TCs (12)
Name Club Affiliation
Carlson, Dwane and Barbara TCMG / ARR
Garbutt, Ed and Joyce ARR
Gaw, Betty & Marilyn Maxwell TCMG
DelTesta, Pay and Charlie Paradise ARR
Simon, Ron & Bobbie TCMG
Swackhamer, Dave and Barbara N/A


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