2009 TCMG / ARR Conclave

Cambria, California

Lineup at the 2009 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Cambria

Lineup at the 2009 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Cambria. (Click to enlarge)

The 53rd annual conclave was held October 2-4 at Cambria Pines Lodge. In attendance were 18 cars (16 TCs and 2 TAs).  Friday night’s hospitality was held in the Simmons’ room where a huge spread of food and drink was set up by Linda Simmons.  On Saturday morning a driver’s meeting preceded an Olive Oil Tour and question rally through wine country, stopping at several places before returning to Cambria.  The first stop was so enjoyed by all that most of the group was there for an hour and a half!

Along the route were small markers featuring TCs with varying features.  Participants were told to look for them in preparation for a questionnaire that evening.  Questions included such treachery as “How many TCs had dogs driving them?” to which most people answered five, after seeing five markers showing a TC with a dog sitting at the wheel.  The correct answer was zero, since dog’s can’t drive cars.  A tie breaker question ended the competition with Gene and Karen Olson winning top honors.

The banquet dinner was held in the hotel restaurant.  Table centerpieces were models of London Bridge with cutout photos of TCMG and ARR members driving their TCs across the bridge, and distance signs to L.A. and San Francisco.  Also included in the festivities was a surprise slide show by Don McLish of old TC club and event photos.

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Known members in attendance with TCs (35)

If you can make additions or corrections to this list, please contact Steve Simmons.

Name Club Affiliation
Belland, Stan & Esther TCMG
Bollendonk, Bill and Jeannie (TA, not in lineup photo) ARR
Chalmers, Allan & Linda ARR / TCMG
Crandall, Jim & Norma TCMG
Einhorn, Kay & Larry TCMG
Marcotte, Joe & Pat ARR / TCMG
Olson, Gene & Karen TCMG
Pedersen, Leo & Martha (not in lineup photo) TCMG
Pohle, Ed & Karen ARR / TCMG
Reid, David & Terry Schueller TCMG
Roth, Gene & Deana TCMG
Sanders, Terry & Cindy Weiss (TA) ARR
Simmons, Steve & Linda TCMG
Stobbe, Jeff and Colleen ARR
Storms, Rick & Judy (not pictured in lineup photo) ARR / TCMG
Thelander, Pete & Fran TCMG
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Wescott, Gene & Brian TCMG
Members and guests in attendance without TCs (16)
Name Club Affiliation
Bundy, Gorden & Fumiko TCMG
Coleman, Dave & Suzie TCMG
Gaw, Betty & Maxwell, Marilyn TCMG
Kahler, Jack ARR
Matlock, Kern & Betsy ARR
McLish, Don (dinner only) TCMG
Simon, Ron & Bobbie TCMG
Weiss, Clarence & Barbara (MGB Roadster) TCMG
Wilmer, Bob & Charlote TCMG


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