2011 TCMG / ARR Conclave

San Luis Obispo, California

Lineup at the 2011 TCMG / ARR Conclave in San Luis Obispo.

Lineup at the 2011 TCMG / ARR Conclave in San Luis Obispo. (Click to enlarge)

The 55th annual conclave was held September 23-25 at The Vagabond Inn, with our banquet next door at Madonna Inn. Saturday’s activities included a rally through wine country to Brian Hamlin’s home where we enjoyed a picnic lunch followed by a tour of his barn where many great cars were housed. The rough back roads and unpaved sections through the hills to reach our destination did not deter anyone, TC or otherwise!

There were 12 TCs in attendance. minus one that broke down en route.  Also making a showing were an MG SA Saloon, an MGA Roadster, two MGBs and a 60’s Mustang convertible, all driven by those who couldn’t drive their TCs but who didn’t want to wimp out completely!

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Known members in attendance with TCs (22)

If you can make additions or corrections to this list, please contact Steve Simmons.

Name Club Affiliation
Belland, Stan & Esther
Chalmers, Allan & Linda ARR / TCMG
Edgar, David & Joyce TCMG
Roth, Gene & Deana TCMG
Sanders, Terry & Cindy (MG TA) ARR
Shempp, Howard & Carolyn ARR / TCMG
Sonner, Brian ARR
Swackhamer, Barry & Suzanne ARR
Thelander, Pete & Fran TCMG
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Tuck, Norman & Brenda ARR
Glass, Gordon & Mimi (broke down on route, finished in modern) TCMG
Members in attendance with other classics (9)
Name Club Affiliation
Olson, Gene & Karen (1938 MG SA Saloon) TCMG
Simmons, Steve & Linda (1958 MGA) TCMG
Sonner, Jane (MGB) ARR
McKarney, Bob & Nancy TCMG
Einhorn, Kay & Larry (60’s Ford Mustang) TCMG
Members and guests in attendance without TCs (15)
Name Club Affiliation
Appell, Mel & Toni ARR
Coleman, Dave & Susie TCMG
Crandall, Jim & Norma TCMG
Goodman, Mike & Sharon TCMG
Long, Larry & Barbara TCMG
McCanne, Dave & Lucy TCMG
McLish, Don TCMG
Simon, Ron & Bobbie TCMG


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