2020 TCMG / ARR Conclave

San Luis Obispo, California

2020 Conclave lineup

Lineup at the 2020 TCMG / ARR Conclave in San Luis Obispo, California. (photo taken in Cambria)

The 64th  annual TCMG / ARR Conclave was held October 3-5, 2020 in San Luis Obispo, California. 18 members with 4 TCs plus a couple other classics took part.  This year’s event took place during the Covid-19 pandemic and was adjusted accordingly to keep our members safe.  Members trickled in on Saturday and that evening some of the group gathered for outdoor socializing and snacks.  The event planner, Howard Shempp, provided hand sanitizer and other PPE as added precaution.  All of the primary activities were held outdoors on Sunday, starting with a drive up the coast to Cambria.  Here members purchased lunches to take along for a picnic at the beach.  Following the picnic there was a lineup photo like no other, with a small turnout of cars and everyone wearing protective face masks.  An “on your own” evening capped it off with several departing for home Sunday evening and the rest on Monday morning.

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Members and guests in attendance with TCs (8)
Name Club Affiliation
Lemieux, Cliff & daughter Jill TCMG
Loe, Richard and Sandra TCMG
Shempp, Howard & Carolyn ARR / TCMG
Simmons, Steve & Linda TCMG
Members in attendance without TCs (10)
Name Club Affiliation
Bundy, Gorden & June W. TCMG
Chalmers, Allan & Linda ARR / TCMG
Palmer, Ken & Carolynne (MGA Roadster) ARR
Shockey, Dan & Thuy (MG PA) ARR
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Weiss, Cindy ARR


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