Iron Bottom Award

The Iron Bottom Award was created in 2014 to honor the first time in recorded (or remembered) history that a club member attended every TCMG activity for an entire year, in their MG TC.  The truly amazing part however, was the fact that it was not just one, but two pair of members who accomplished this very difficult achievement.  At year’s end, both parties remained tied in points for the Sargent Award, but in this unprecedented situation it was decided that instead of going through the established tiebreaker process, a tie for the trophy would be allowed for the first time since its conception.  The winners were Steve & Linda Simmons and Richard & Sandra Loe who had both attended every activity in their TC for the entire year, including all monthly meetings, driving events, etc.

It was decided that an appropriate award for this achievement would be a lapel pin that could be worn to show one’s dedication to TC Motoring Guild and the MG TC in general.  The pins that were created were based on various vintage designs, and cast in pewter.

Past Recepients

2014: Richard & Sandra Loe
2014: Steve & Linda Simmons
2015: Richard & Sandra Loe
2016: Richard & Sandra Loe
2017: Richard & Sandra Loe
2018: Steve & Linda Simmons
2019: Richard & Sandra Loe
2020: Steve & Linda Simmons
2020: Richard & Sandra Loe
2021: Richard & Sandra Loe

Simmons and Loe Tie for Sargent Trophy

Photo from 2014 showing the first recipients of Iron Bottom pins, and the first recorded tie for the Sargent Trophy. Pictured from left to right are Richard and Sandra Loe, and Linda and Steve Simmons.

Rules for the Iron Bottom Award

To achieve a perfect attendance (and be awarded a pin for such), a single membership must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be present with a TC at all official TC Motoring Guild monthly events and meetings.  This includes multi-day events such as Conclaves and GoF West, and the Annual Holiday Party.
  • At least one person from the membership must be present at each activity, with a TC.  You may attend with any TC – it does not have to be your own.  A pair of members belonging to a single membership (e.g. husband and wife) may alternate without penalty so long as one of them, with a TC, is present at each activity.
  • An Iron Bottom Pin is awarded to any person in the winning membership who has participated in at least 50% of the year’s events with a TC.
  • Rules for attending activities in regards to driving, trailering, etc. are identical to the Sargent Award.  Therefore if the membership earns Sargent points then each member participating with the TC also earns attendance toward the Iron Bottom Award.

The following activities are NOT required to achieve a perfect attendance, although they do award points toward winning the Sargent Trophy.

  • TCMG Tech Sessions
  • Memorial services for TCMG members
  • Bonus “do it yourself” driving events marked as single Sargent points

Sound easy?  It isn’t!  But you can do it if you try!


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