TC – The Classic Anachronism

By 1963, the MG TC was well on its way to becoming a timeless classic.  In September of that year, Safety Fast Magazine ran an article written by TCMG member Jim Crandall.  In it he describes the phenomenon of the TC becoming a collector car of almost cult-status, and the efforts of the world’s foremost TC club – TC Motoring Guild – to promote and maintain the cars and their use.  Recalling the day his article was accepted, Jim states, “I wrote a rather long article about the club for Safety Fast in Sept. 1963. And, unexpectedly, they PAID me for it.”

The preface of the article reads:

To the average British enthusiast, the ‘TC’ M.G. of 1946/49 is just the post-war revival of the old ‘TA/TB’ design, and the last of the cart-sprung square-riggers from Abingdon.  To the knowledgable American, however, it is the model that introduced his country to all the joys of sports car motoring – a classic in its own right, to be treated with reverence and affection.  Here the ‘TC’ cult is described by one of its most ardent disciples, Jim Crandall of Long Beach, California.

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