The Baby Hasn’t Been Named Yet

The following story was written by founding member Frank Mason around the time the TC Motoring Guild was first being conceived. It it believed to have been published in a local newspaper.  An old hand-typed image of the article is displayed here.

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The Baby Hasn’t Been Named Yet

By Frank Mason

Informal discussions of a tentative exclusive TC club have been going on for some time at various club meetings, rallies and so on, whenever two or more TCers got together, and last Saturday at Glendale something definite was finally done about it.

Editor Ivan Galanoy of ROAD & TRACK, a TC owner himself, invited a few of the more rabid TC fans to use his office for a preliminary meeting to talk charter, membership restrictions and so on.  Galanoy not only provided meeting quarters, but volunteered as temporary secretary, typing minutes while others did most of the talking.

There is to be a club, and it will be exclusively for TC owners, but so far no officers have been elected, no meeting place has been picked out and no name chosen.  The group planned to drive down to Torrey Pines July 3, meeting at L.A. City College at 6:30 A.M.

Outside the ROAD & TRACK offices there was a fabulous lineup of TCs.  No TDs or TFs.  No Jags or TR-2s.  Not a top in sight.  Nothing to louse up a TC purist’s dream.  It was not surprising to find that Editor Galanoy is a TC man.  He’s an editor, ain’t he?  And what else would the editors of both of your favorite publications drive?  They know their sports cars!

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