Video Vault

Here is a collection of video and film from our web site.  The purpose of this page is to give you access to all of our videos in a single, organized location.

Also check out these off-site member videos:

1972 Production of “The Great Race” by TCMG members.

8mm Footage of the first TCMG / ARR conclave in 1957.

After 59 years, the last TCs leave our Montrose meeting room.

Joe Douglass receives an award for 54 years of service to TCMG.

Video of 2017 TCMG Wildflower Tour by Jim Crandall.

1989 Production of “Rally Round” by TCMG Members

Ron Simon receives an achievement award in 2017 for decades of service to TCMG.

Scenes from the 2013 Lame Duk Kup event at Woodley Park.

Scenes from the 2011 Lame Duk Kup event at Woodley Park.

TCMG President at GoF West 2007: Larry Einhorn interviews Steve and Linda Simmons at the Park City gathering.

TC Lineup at GoF West 2007: Larry conducts his own special video tour of the TC display at Park City.

The Sundance Kids, Gof West 2007: Another Einhorn production featuring a side trip to the Alpine Loop above Sundance, UT.

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