Hema & Janakie Ratnayake

Hema & Janakie Ratnayake

Hema & Janakie Ratnayake

Name: Hema & Janakie Ratnayake

Location: San Gabriel, California

TCs owned:
1948 MGTC 5371 / XPAG 6121, Black / Green
1948 MGTC 6623 / XPAG 7184, Red/Red

TC 5371 formerly owned by TCMG founding member Earl Sargent.  Purchased from his daughter in 2013.

Hema writes: “Former Earl Sargent’s pride and joy. Lots of written and photographed history since 1950 including the bill of sale to all the oil changes. Also owns a few TDs, 2 TFs and 10 MGAs. Also one of the first MGs a two seater Bull Nose Morris.”

TC 6623 was purchased from the family of the late Dick Miura, a former TCMG member.

Also used to own TC 5454 which was purchased from former member Larry Haile in 2015, who bought it from members Tony & Cindy Henkels in December 2002.

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