Jim & Chris Antis

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Name: Jim & Chris Antis

Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania

TCs owned:
1948 MGTC 4922 / XPAG 5618, Red / Red

Jim writes:
Purchased after a life long search following reading of “The Red Car” while in 8th grade. Have had other British cars along the way, MG’s and Triumphs but never being able to find an affordable TC. Just by chance stumbled upon the car in an old warehouse in Greensburg, PA being used as an original example for owner’s restoration of another TC. Owner wanted to sell both mine, a survivor car and his restored TC as a combined sale but finally wore him down to sell me the unrestored one. I am in final stage of restoration after eight years of off and on effort. Other British cars, family obligations, work, etc. delayed the process but will be back on the road following installation of the wiring harness. The car has a racing history of sorts as per the original owner and a lock installed on the carb side of the bonnet. I reinstalled the lock for nostalgic purpose during the restoration.

Have owned many other MG’s and Triumph’s over the years including one other T Series, a 52 TD.

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