Allan & Linda Chalmers

Allan & Linda Chalmers

Allan & Linda Chalmers

Name: Allan & Linda Chalmers

Location: San Francisco, California

TCs owned:
1948 TC 7149 / XPAG 7997, Green / Biscuit

About Us:

Although I am a fur piece from the TCMG shenanigans, I have been a member of the club since 1961. First time I met the gang that couldn’t shoot straight was at the third conclave of 1959 in Carmel. There was Bob Busch, dressed like a Swiss yodeler, Bill Fulton with girl friend of the moment, other glamorous Hollywood types, and then there was Harvey, who took exception to the cost of housing that the ARR had booked. The TCMG moved to humble digs, but the Saturday banquet was at a place of the ARR choosing and several TCMG folks got sick. Harv was sure we did it.

I was drawn to join and I actually never regretted it.

My TC was a towable mess when I got it at Palo Alto BMC in 1958, so my pals and I tied a rope to the badge bar and towed it home35 miles, running over the rope a block from home and wrecking same badge bar.

I spent four years restoring it and went on to take a second at Pebble Beach, losing to Tad Hutchinson in his lipstick red TF with chrome exhaust pipe and lipstick pink shag carpeting. It would have been a third to another tarted TF, but judge Frank Mason convinced Strother McMinn and another judge to give it to me.

I may not have made many TCMG meetings, but those I did were memorable, like a hare and hound in Harv and Von’s Bentley (now in the Simon museum. Floyd & Claydine Burt in an SS90 were flinging bags of white powder all over the Valley.

Another event saw 46 TCs doing the track drive at the Riverside Grand Prix, driving out there with Dick Miura thru a smog alert.

On another visit in the company of Gert Jensen, I visited Earl Sargent’s garage to peer at his Type 57 Bugatti, then to Harry Crowne’s, with Dwane Carlson along, to see his K3s. Wow!

Along about 1968 I impressed a young Linda Cohen with my moustache, TC and Porsche, and we’ve been together since. She’s not a tire kicker but she LOVES you guys too!

I have had several MGs: TCs, YT, TD, TFs ZA Magnette and I am trying to finish a TA before I am too decrepit to drive it. See accompanying picture.

I just realized that almost everyone I mentioned is gone now. That’s depressing!

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