Daniel Harrison and Myah Lunceford

Daniel Harrison

Daniel Harrison

Name: Daniel Harrison and Myah Lunceford

Location: Woodland Hills, California

TCs owned:
1948 MGTC 6319 / XPAG 6963, Red / Biscuit

Has modifications including wood dash.  Also owns an MGA roadster.

Daniel writes:

Original CA black plate car owned by Walt Prowell (Monterey), parked in 1981 and sat until 2021. Used in Abingdon Rough Riders and TCMG events, enjoyed until the brakes were overcooked and sufficiently frightened the driver to let it sit. Undergoing ‘resurrection’ and very excited to give it new lease of life! Very well preserved (original air cleaners, driving lamp, and cat eye headlight lenses) and excited to bring it to events.

MGA bought when I was 15 and restored with the help of all my friends. Gateway MG addiction car, which led to the purchase of the TC 6319. Other interests include hearing stories of old car events and looking at California Sports Car Club race photos/videos, and visiting Paramount Ranch Raceway (what’s left of it) to imagine what it was like in the 1950’s…

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