Robert & Nancy Koons

Robert & Nancy Koons

Robert Koons driving TC 9004, "The Updraught Special"

Name: Robert & Nancy Koons

Location: Wayne, Pennsylvania

TCs owned:
1948 TC 5112 / XPAG 5733, Black / Green
1949 TC 9004 / XPAG9543, Green / Beige
1949 TC 7514 EXU / XPAG 8225, No colors yet

TC 5112 is unrestored and completely original with 28,000 miles on it. Was owned for 51 years (1950-2001) by Clare Duckham of Payton, Ohio. It has original paint, interior, top, side curtains, and tool kit. It runs and drives beautifully and appears to be only 5 years old rather than 56 years old. It’s a true time capsule survivor and probably the best original TC in the world. Among the papers that came with the TC was a TC Owners Register put out by the TC Motoring Guild sometime in the 1960’s. This is how Robert learned out about the TC Motoring Guild.

TC 7514 had been raced in the very first Pebble Beach race back in 1950 by Spence Kerrigan. The rebuild project hopefully will be done for the Monterey Rolex Reunion in August 2012. An engine dyno reports output at 147 hp.

Robert’s racing TC, “The Updraught Special” (TC 9004), was raced at Watkins Glenn in 2009.

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