James Marsala

James Marsala

James Marsala’s TC

Name: James Marsala

Location: Ventura, California

TCs owned:
1937 TC 9248 / XAPG 9248, Red / Bisquit

James writes:

I bought it from the original owner’s widow in 1974-5. I was still in school and basically broke; so all I could do for the next 7 years is take it all apart, including remove the metal from the wood body and remake several wooden parts using white oak that was left over from “shoring” freight during WWII. Once the body was removed I took the frame down to bare metal and replaced all important nuts and bolts. I remember I got it running in time for the 1979 “GOF” in San Diego; but of course I still had a long way to go to finish the ground -up restoration. I considered it finished for the 1980 “GOF”; but as we all know, were never going to be finished. This year will make my 40th year owing the TC.

My daily driver is a 1953 F-100 that I am currently in the process of re-doing the front and rear suspension and preparing the vehicle to install a 2009 F-150 4.6L. 3Valve engine, etc. I restored this vehicle starting in 1984 and finished it in 1985. My only other vehicle is a 2001 Mustang Cobra.

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