Ralph & Donna Littlefield

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Name: Ralph & Donna Littlefield

Location: Kittery, Maine

TCs Owned:
1948 TC 4428 / XPAG 5104, Shires Green / Apple Green

Sold new South Africa 1948, Have been unable to find history prior to 1985. Must have been run hard as frame and body brackets all show weld repairs. Sometime around 1980 TC4428 along with several other European cars including a Mercedes Benz Gullwing were imported to New Hampshire, USA. Five years later TC4428 was sold to a gentleman in Arundel, Maine, south of Portland, Maine. Disassembled for paint in 2000 TC4428 was left in pieces until I bought her in 2016 as a serious basket-case. Chassis complete, now working through replacement of complete timber kit.

Also owns 1963 MGB GHN3L6281, built January, 29, 1963, fully restored.

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