International MG TC Register

The International MG TC Register was run by TC Motoring Guild in the 1960’s as a way to unite TC owners on a global scale. It tracked the location and ownership of TCs from several countries and listed them in a directory that was made available to its members. TCMG member Doug Wimer acted as secretary, maintaining the register as necessary.

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1960’s International MG TC Register Directory

This is the first edition of the International MG TC Register directory, printed late 1963 or early 1964.  Besides the fascinating historical aspect of the booklet and the glimpse it offers into the community which existed in the heyday of the MG TC, it is also a useful tool for researching the history of individual MG TCs that were at one time included in the register.

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IMGTCR Plaques

If you know of a plaque, or the member number of any MGTC or its owner, please contact the webmaster so we can add it to our files.

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