TC Motoring Guild welcomes you to our home on the web!  We are an organization whose sole purpose is to perpetuate and maintain the MG TC through monthly newsletters, technical publications, driving events, regular meetings and more.  Anyone who currently owns an MG TC is eligible for membership in TCMG.  See the “About TCMG” section for membership information.

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  • Late September


    New Regalia Item!

    TCMG Spark Plug HoldersDress up your engine bay with these exclusive TC Motoring Guild spark plug holders! Features raised logos on each side, one with the TCMG logo and the other the M.G. logo. Inspired by spare plug holders found on pre-war MGs, each unit holds four 1/2″ reach plugs. Also great as a decorative item for your desk or garage!  See the Regalia Page for more details.

    Conclave Is Coming!

    Our 63rd annual conclave with the Abingdon Rough Riders will take place on October 12-14 in Morro Bay.  If you haven’t reserved a room yet, please do so without delay.  Over 40 people are already signed up so don’t be left out!  See upcoming newsletters or the Events Calendar for more information.

    To reserve your meal for our banquet dinner on Sunday night, click here.  Online payment is available through PayPal or Zelle.



    Our next monthly meeting will be held on September 24 at the usual Studio City location.  TCMG member Malcolm Buckeridge will be detailing the process to convert a TC to a 5-speed gearbox, which he has recently completed on the Mel and Toni Appell’s car.

    July recap: 24 members and guests attended our August meeting, with five TCs parked outside driven by Simmons, Shapiro, Loe, Mathison and Einhorn.  Special thanks to David Spiegel for a very entertaining presentation on touring New Zealand in pre-war M.G.s.

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    Our October event is the 63rd Annual Conclave of the TC Motoring Guild and Abingdon Rough Riders, which will be held October 12-14 in Morro Bay.  For hotel and banquet dinner information, click here.

    To see photos from previous years and learn about this event’s 60+ year history, visit the Conclave Pages.

    August Recap: 43 members and guests attended the Einhorn Hot Dog Party, with 9 TCs gracing the parking area.  Those with TCs were Ellis, Lemieux, Simmons, Spindler, Loe, Hanes, Shapiro, Mathison and Einhorn.  Also noteworthy is the Edgars’ 730 mile round trip TC drive in temperatures up to 115F in Arizona to attend GoF West.  Well done Edgars!

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    The September Classic Chassis is online and ready for viewing!


    To view past newsletters, including one from way back in April 1958, visit the Newsletter Page.



    Welcome to our newest members!



    September 9: New page added for Julian Carter.

    September 5: New page added for William Kennard.

    September 4: New page added for Edward Kansriddle.

    July 19: Updated the Video Vault page.

    April 10: New page added for the 1985 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

    March 21: New TC added for David Mathison.

    March 10: New info added to the History Pages.

    March 4: New page added: TC Motoring Guild at the 1968 Times Grand Prix

    March 4: New page added: International MG TC Register

    March 4: New historical content added to the Documents and Plaques page.

    February 19: New content added to the Technical Resources page.

    February 2: New content added to the Technical Resources page.

    January 24: Photos and info added for Patrick Moran.

    January 15: New content added to the Technical Resources page.

    January 4: New content added to the Technical Resources page.

    December 23: New content added to the Technical Resources page.

    December 6: New page added for Patrick Moran.

    October 15: New page added for the 2018 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

    September 17: Updated the Video Vault page.

    September 1: New page added for Levern & Ruthann Norton.

    As always we are seeking photos for the Members Gallery showing you and your TC. We also welcome member biographies so your fellow TCMG’ers can learn a bit about you, your history with your TC or anything else you care to write about. Historic photos and stories are also being sought to expand our TCMG History section on the site. Please send what you have to Steve Simmons.

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