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Latest News:

  • Late August


    Conclave is coming!

    Our annual conclave with the Rough Riders will be held October 8-10 in Cambria. One of Sunday’s activities is a tour of Hearst Castle.  Those planning to participate may book their tours starting on September 1st.  Several tours are available so you can choose which one you would like to take.  The conclave organizers suggest booking your tour at around 11AM so that all participants can start and finish at approximately the same time.

    If you haven’t booked your room yet, please do so as soon as possible.  A list of activities for the weekend plus other information can be found on the Calendar Page.

    One of TCMG’s Earliest Members, Ron Simon, Has Passed

    With great sadness, we learned this morning that Ron Simon has passed. Ron was one of our earliest members, having first joined TC Motoring Guild in 1956. He served several times as president including at our first Conclave in 1957, and was a member of the TCMG Executive Council for 25 consecutive years.  As a die-hard TC enthusiast his technical knowledge benefited TC owners across the globe, and his stories of racing his TC in the 50’s and 60’s were always enjoyable. A video of Ron at the 60th annual Conclave can be seen by clicking here. Watch for more stories and photos of Ron and his cars in upcoming newsletters.

    21 members were present at Ron’s service with three TCs, including the TC that Ron restored and drove for decades with Bobbie at his side.  The cars were placed on display with Ron’s positioned prominently up front at the outdoor service, allowing him to pass by it one last time.

    Don Mclish Passes

    With heavy hearts we report the passing of Don McLish. He and his wife Jan, who we lost in 2016, were long time members of TCMG. Since they joined in 1970, Don served two terms as President as well as club historian and several other positions within the club council.

    Don’s love of TCs began in November 1965 at a gas station in Duluth, Minnesota with the temperature near zero F and snow on the ground. By February, the temperature now at minus 26, he purchased his car.

    He wrote, “The price only $595. It had been more expensive, but let’s just say that the demand for classic MG roadsters in Duluth, Minnesota in February, being 26 below zero, was not exactly in your hot demand of wild succulent anticipation.” His passion for these cars would continue, taking him and Jan on many adventures over the next several decades. We will miss them both.

    You can read more of Don’s TC adventures on his member page.

    TCMG Wins Big at GoF West!

    Pictured left to right: Alan & Victoria Campbell, Steve & Linda Simmons, Cliff Lemieux, Cristina & Scott St. Clair, Joel & Silvia Taylor, Fran & Pete Thelander, Richard & Sandra Loe, Doug Schirripa, Dave Reid, Laura Schirripa, Kregg Hunsberger, Terry Schuller, Joyce & David Edgar.

    Twelve of our TCs (one a TA) graced the field of vintage M.G.s along with 26 members coming from as far away as Reno, Nevada to the North and San Diego to the South. The accompanying photo shows 20 of our members and several of the cars.  Awards were won by our members in several categories as listed below. TCMG also won the coveted Monterey Cup, making this one of the rare years VMG has been dethroned in this award. Congratulations to all!

    Special congratulations go out to David & Joyce Edgar for winning the Al Moss High Point Award, the crowning jewel of GOF West trophies!  Joyce has also accepted the position of chairman for the GoF West Steering Committee.  We have no doubt that she will do a great job, as she does on our own executive council.

    Monterey Cup: TC Motoring Guild
    Al Moss Memorial High Point Trophy:
    David & Joyce Edgar
    Second Place, Car Display, TC Class: Walt Prowell
    Third Place, Car Display, TC Class: Steve & Linda Simmons
    First Place, Car Display, Pre-War: Alan & Victoria Campbell
    First Place, Rallye, TC & Pre-War: David & Joyce Edgar
    Second Place, Rallye, TC & Pre-War: Steve & Linda Simmons
    Third Place, Rallye, TC & Pre-War: Richard & Sandra Loe
    First Place, Funkhana, TC Class: David & Joyce Edgar
    Second Place, Funkhana, TC Class: Pete & Fran Thelander
    First Place, Car-less Funkhana: Steve Simmons
    First Place, Car-less Funkhana (couples): Richard & Sandra Loe
    First Place, Arts & Crafts, Humorous / Action Photos: David & Joyce Edgar

    Fourth place in the Rallye went to Joel & Silvia Taylor, making the top four places a TCMG sweep! Additional photos and reports from the event will appear in the August newsletter.



    Join us on August 23 for our Zoom meting, featuring a presentation by TCMG member member Allan Chalmers. Allan will give a presentation on the six months he spend in Europe in 1965, with a heavy emphasis on car content.

    The meeting starts at 6:00 PM (Pacific).  Members may join 15 minutes early.

    Note that anyone making a simulated journey to the meeting in a TC by driving a minimum of 10 miles on the day of the meeting will receive a point toward the Sargent Award.

    July recap: 18 members attended our July meeting, with six TCs being driven a simulated 10 miles or more.  TCs were driven by S. Simmons, Hunsberger, Edgar, Lemieux, M. Simmons and Schirripa.  Our thanks to Rub Zucca for his presentation on Civil War history and artifacts.

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    Monthly Driving Events

    Our next driving event, to be held on August 20th, will take us on a cool coastal drive from our starting point in Malibu to our destination in Ventura. There we will be given a private guided tour of the historic Dudley House, circa 1892. Details are still being worked out, so watch for a flyer in the mail with further details.

    June / July Recap: 26 members, 11 TCs and one TA took part in our June / July event at GoF West in Buellton, California.  TCs driven to the event were those of Steve & Linda Simmons, Kregg Hunsberger, David & Joyce Edgar, Cliff Lemieux, Richard & Sandra Loe, Pete & Fran Thelander, Walt Prowell and Mel Appell.  Several others arrived by trailer from as far as Reno, NV.  See the news section above for a list of club achievements at this event.

    Monthly DIY Bonus Events

    Keeping with the theme of our driving event, the name of the game this month will be “Historic Homes”. Your task is to photograph your TC, with or without you in it, at a historic home or other building in your area. If you don’t have a historic building nearby, then pick any structure you like and make up a good story. The taller the tale, the better. Send your photo to Joyce Edgar by August 20 for inclusion in our online meeting on the 23rd. Also be sure to drive at least five miles during your photo shoot to receive a point toward the Sargent Award.

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    The September Classic Chassis is online and ready for viewing!


    To view past newsletters, including one from way back in 1958, visit the Newsletter Page.



    Welcome to our newest members!



    July 4: Added new page for Caroline & Jakob Cassini.

    July 1: Added new content on the Technical Resources page.

    June 1: New page added for Robert & Susan Doudrick.

    May 14: Numerous photos added to Member Pages.

    May 14: Added new car info for Alan and Victoria Campbell.

    April 25: Added new page for Joe McCammon & Joani Walsh.

    February 14: New page added for Scott & Cristina St. Clair.

    February 12: New page added for Walt & Bev Prowell.

    February 7: New page added for Richard & Nancy Gehweiler.

    January 15: New page added for the 1958 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

    December 8: Added new page for 2021 Sargent Award Results.

    December 7: Updated pages for Mason Award, Iron Bottom Award and Breakdown Award.

    October 19: Added new content on the Technical Resources page.

    October 8: Added new page for George & Lorna Murphy.

    October 8: Added new page for the 2021 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

    As always we are seeking photos for the Members Gallery showing you and your TC. We also welcome member biographies so your fellow TCMG’ers can learn a bit about you, your history with your TC or anything else you care to write about. Historic photos and stories are also being sought to expand our TCMG History section on the site. Please send what you have to Steve Simmons.

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