TC Motoring Guild welcomes you to our home on the web!  We are an organization whose sole purpose is to perpetuate and maintain the MG TC through monthly newsletters, technical publications, driving events, regular meetings and more.  Anyone who currently owns an MG TC is eligible for membership in TCMG.  See the “About TCMG” section for membership information.

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  • Late February


    Dues are Due!

    Dues for 2024 memberships are due now.  For those who have put it off, now is the time to renew!  To renew your membership, click here.

    TC Provenance List Being Updated and Modernized by TCMG

    The well known TC Provenance List was created by TC owner Bob Stein well over a decade ago.  Steve Simmons has assisted with data submissions and updates for the past few years but the list has grown too large to manage by hand.  TC Motoring Guild has jumped in to help update, modernize and maintain the list.  Two of our members, Mike Simmons and Steve Simmons are currently working to convert years of hand typed notes into a sorted and organized database of TC car numbers, owner names, locations and historical data.  The project will take a tremendous amount of man hours but the end result will be a fully modern and searchable database, hosted on the TCMG website.  You can see the old hand-typed Provenance List HERE until the new version is completed.



    Our next monthly meeting will be held on Zoom on February 27th. The evening’s program will involve our members sharing their three favorite MG related items. Choose up to three things that aren’t bolted to your car. It could be the first MG key chain you ever got, a perfect condition period shop manual, a first edition “The Red Car”, the cross flow head you bought, installed, then realized it was porous and removed it, the T shirt from your first GOF, a copy of the speeding ticket you got in your TC (an exceedingly rare item), MG models, literature, etc. Items don’t have to be MG-centric, but should be related, like Lucas, SU, etc.

    If you have photos to show and aren’t familiar with screen sharing on Zoom, send your photos to Joyce Edgar by February 26th and she will display them for you at the meeting.

    Note that anyone making a simulated journey to the meeting in a TC by driving a minimum of 10 miles on the day of the meeting will receive a point toward the Sargent Award.

    January recap: 30 members attended our January meeting on Zoom.  Seven TCs were driven a simulated 10 miles by Edgar, Lemieux, M. Simmons, S. Simmons, Sorensen, Thelander and Zucca.

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    Monthly Events

    THIS IS AN RSVP EVENT!  Join us on March 17 for a driving tour ending at TCMG member Gene Olson’s home in Bradbury, where we will enjoy an outdoor picnic and a tour of his newly built log cabin. Relax in the shade of 35 oak trees and enjoy views of the San Gabriel Valley. There is a hiking trail adjacent. Bring your lunch with you! The host will provide coffee, tea, and desserts.

    The picnic and cabin tour will run from Noon – 3:00 PM. Details on the driving tour are forthcoming. The photo above is from our last event here in 2021.

    Please RSVP so our hosts know how much seating, food and beverages are needed. RSVP info will be sent out in our group email soon, or contact Gene Olson directly.

    February recap: Nine members with 4 TCs participated in our Lame Duck Kup event. Congratulations to David Edgar for “bringing home the duck” this year!

    Monthly DIY Tours

    Our Winter DIY tour has ended.  The next one will be announced shortly.

    For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.



    The March Classic Chassis is online and ready for viewing!


    To view past newsletters, including one from way back in 1958, visit the Newsletter Page.



    Welcome to our newest members!



    January 27: Updated the Sargent Award rules.

    January 19: Added new page for Dean & DonnaRae Caccavo.

    January 19: Added new page for Duane Schmidt.

    January 19: Added new page for Terry & Karin Rogers.

    October 3: Added new page for the 2023 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

    September 24: New page added for Patty McLish & Medric Godbout

    September 1: New page added for Pat Garity.

    July 27: Added new page for Robert & Diane Berry.

    July 1: Updated the Technical Info page.

    June 30: Added new page for Jonathan Lane & Val Shockley.

    May 12: Added new page for Mark Woodward.

    May 11: Added new page for Beverly McDaniel-Peever.

    May 8: Added new page for Daniel Tiedge.

    May 1: Updated the Meeting Info page.

    March 11: Added new page for Jon & Diana Acosta.

    As always we are seeking photos for the Members Gallery showing you and your TC. We also welcome member biographies so your fellow TCMG’ers can learn a bit about you, your history with your TC or anything else you care to write about. Historic photos and stories are also being sought to expand our TCMG History section on the site. Please send what you have to Steve Simmons.

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