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A message from Steve Simmons, president TC Motoring Guild 2007, 2011, 2014, 2020, 2022.

Who Are We?

A line in our club bylaws states, “TC Motoring Guild is an organization whose sole purpose is to perpetuate and maintain the MGTC.”  This statement sums up precisely our reason for being, but there is much more to the TC Motoring Guild than that.

Although the club itself is based in Southern California, our members come together from all parts of the globe to share our passion for these classic machines.  Through this club we offer one another the exchange of information, resources, mechanical parts and more.  Transcending that are the relationships we develop as a group.  Those who join our ranks are of a different breed than your typical automobile enthusiast.  We love the cars and the simpler time they represent, but we also enjoy using them in the manner for which they were designed.

Aside from our regular meetings, we also enjoy monthly driving events, weekend tours and long distance adventures.  A portion of our membership are regulars at GoF West each year, often traveling thousands of miles in their TCs to attend.  This is what sets an M.G. owner apart from many other enthusiasts – the willingness and desire to actually drive our cars, and experience the road less traveled from an open cockpit.

Why do we do it?

The question of ‘why’ is impossible to answer because every individual who gets behind the wheel of their own TC does it for a unique combination of reasons.  For some, it’s a connection with a time long since past.  For others it may be the challenge of restoration and returning a rusty old hulk to the road.  There are those who simply love the raw motoring experience offered from behind the large steering wheel, long bonnet and low-cut doors.  The sights, the sounds, even the smells are unique to each car and every one of them has something special to offer to the right owner.

Why M.G.s?

These cars are different than most classics of their era in the way they are used today.  The majority of the running examples are still used on public roads for everything from weekend picnics to multi-thousand mile tours.  Numerous examples are found on race tracks all over the world, competing in vintage races to the delight of car enthusiasts both young and old.  It is partly these differences from other ‘old cars’ that draw a different kind of person to the TC community.  M.G. owners are, for the most part, outgoing and friendly people who enjoy sharing their cars with not only each other but everyone they meet in their journeys.  The camaraderie and lack of ego that is characteristic of the typical MG TC enthusiast is what brings many into the hobby, and once hooked it’s often a life-long obsession.

Owning an early T-Series M.G. has never been easier, at least not in the last 50 years.  This is in no small part thanks to the internet which allows us to literally travel the globe with questions about parts, tools and techniques.  Maintenance and repair items which were once unobtainable are now being reproduced by numerous companies and individuals, all with the preservation of these cars in mind.

Join us!

So now, we invite you to sit back and browse our web site to gain a small glimpse of what TC Motoring Guild is about.  If you aren’t crazy about these cars already then perhaps you will be after a look around our little home on the web.

Safety Fast!

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