Technical Resources


General Tech Topics by TCMG Members

“Do It Yourself Maintenance & Safety Check” written by various TC Motoring Guild members
“MG TC Safety Check” by Mike Goodman
“TC Electrical Troubleshooting Guide” by David Edgar
“MG TC Electrical Circuits” by Rick Storms
“MG TC Electrical Circuits EXU Supplement” by Rick Storms
“MG TA and TB Electrical Circuits” by Rick Storms
“Tail Lamp LED Conversion” by Curt Sorensen
Chevy Rear Seal Conversion” by David Edgar
A Modern Alternative for the TC Track Rod” by Steve Simmons
TC Rear Axle Tower Repair” by Steve Simmons

Factory Tech Info

Special Tuning for MG TB and TC, June 1949
MG TC Leaf Spring Data – Factory Chart
TC Body Detail Drawing B-951
Specification 259 – Factory book listing all hardware on the MG TC
Lucas Electrical System Checks by Al Moss, from factory service bulletins

General Tech Topics From Other Sources

“The Motor Trader” MG TC Data Sheet, April 6, 1949
Oil Pressure Warning Devices For A TC” by Norman Tuck (Abingdon Rough Riders)
Not Starting Checklist” by Lawrie Alexander
“The MG TC Front End” by Jim Buell
“The XPAG Engine” by W.K.F. Wood
“The XPAG Engine” by W.K.F. Wood (re-written and searchable version)
“Chronometric Instruments” by Carl Cederstrand
“Distributors That Drown In Oil” by Carl Cederstrand
Distributors for MG T-Series XPAG and XPEG Engines” by Bob Grunau


Click to enlarge“T-Clinics”

T-Clinics are technical bulletins that have been written or collected by TCMG members over the past several decades.  Often reprinted from old TCMG newsletters, they are designed to help you keep your TC healthy and on the road.

The list below is sorted by general subject, and each one is preceded by its clinic number.

NOTE: T-Clinics may be added, deleted or modified as necessary to keep up with current information and parts availability.


#2 – Ground Wires-Lights by Barney (Doc) Jackson
#7 – Turn Indicator by Barney (Doc) Jackson
#8 – Converting the replacement “D” tail light to look like the original
#11 – Supplemental Stop Light
#18 – Maintaining the Windshield Wiper Motor
#24 – Rebuilding a Distributor by Ron Rothstein
#25 – Rewiring the MGTC by Doug Wimer
#31 – Replacement Horns by Barney Jackson
#34 – Repair of Generator Pulley
#46 – Flasher Groundings by Barney (Doc) Jackson
#54 – Fuel Warning Light Tester (from TSO)
#56 – Generator Regulator Failure by Barney Jackson
#57 – Dynamo Pulley Salvage by Phil Marino
#59 – Electrical Basics (or TC Electronics 101) by David Edgar
#60 – TC Starter Electrical Circuits by David Edgar
#61 – Ignition Electrical Circuits by David Edgar
#62 – Lucas R.F. 95 Control Box Part One: Wire Connections by David Edgar
#63 – Lucas R.F. 95 Control Box Part Two: Dynamo Regulation by David Edgar

Mechanical – General

#3 – TC Wheel Truing (info extracted from Nov/Dec 1969 TSO)
#4 – Rebuilding TC Shocks by Jay Lockrow
#9 – Engine Tune-up
#10 – Starter & Choke Cable Replacement
#13 – Torque Specs. by Mike Goodman
#15 – Valve Adjustment
#16 – Compression Check
#17 – Pressing a Hub Bearing (reprinted from Aug 1971 ARR newsletter but no author given)
#22 – Rebuilding Rear Engine Mounts by Bill Traill
#26 – How to Remove a Bushing from a Blind Hole (Tech Info courtesy New England MG T Register)
#30 – TC Differential
#37 – Rear Wheel Bearing Failure by Earl Sargent
#39 – Crowning TC Tappets
#48 – Chassis Restoration (reprinted from the Australian T-Type, Dec 1970)
#50 – Gears by Chip Old of NEMGTR
#51 – TC Cooling System by Barney Jackson
#55 – Sump Gasket (from TSO)
#58 – Cooling System Modifications

Suspension, Steering and Brakes

#5 – Steering
#20 – Brakes — Yearly Maintenance
#33 – Wheels — Greasy Spokes
#38 – Steering Gear — Safety Check by Earl Sargent
#41 – Care and Feeding of Leaf Springs by Chip Old of NEMGTR
#44 – Spindles by Dave Gumz, Abingdon Rough Riders
#45 – Wheels — Rim Strips
#47 – Tapered Bearings on Front Wheels by Jack Berry

Fuel and Carburation

#6 – Modifying a Stock TC Air Cleaner
#14 – Foolproof Gas Gauge
#19 – Carbs — Fixing Air Leaks
#32 – Repair of Gas Tank by Barney Jackson
#40 – Carburetor Heat Shield by Bill Traill
#49 – Repairing Leaking Gas Tank by Dick Criswell (Oregon Club T-MG)

Body and Exterior

#21 –Wire Wheel Cleaning
#23 – Restoration and Preservation of MGTC Woodwork by Adri-Jan Verbiesen
#28 – Bonnet Cracks
#29 – Damn Those Doors (Repairing TC Doors) by M. Leland
#35 – Painting a TC
#42 – TC Door Repair by J. Garfield, Classic MGT’s of Hawaii
#43 – Folding a TC Hood
#52 – Paint Your Wagon – Part II by Barney Jackson
#53 – Duplicating original TC side curtain moldings by Bill Fulton

General Tech Info

#1 – Safety Checks
#12 – Interchangeable Parts List for TC
#27 – Storing a TC
#36 – Cleaning — Degreasing

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