Clarence Weiss: The Art of TC Motoring

Artful quarterly newsletter covers from TCMG’s past

Back in the day, we took the attractive covers of TCMG Quarterlies by Clarence Weiss for granted. Just something to spice up an otherwise ordinary club newsletter. Big mistake! Just looking at the few examples on these pages shows us that they represent much more than snapshots of monthly club tours through typical California landscapes. They now rise to the level of significant automotive art that epitomizes the spirit of sports motoring, especially in the classic, MG TC.

For those of you who don’t already know, Clarence, after retiring from a life-long career as a graphic designer, established himself as a fine artist specializing in plein air painting along the Central California coast. His work could often be seen in galleries in and around Morro Bay, CA and he sometimes exhibited out of his home studio in Cambria.  Clarence passed away in August 2017.

These drawings are part of an incomplete, fifteen piece collection recovered from the files of compulsive savers, David Edgar and Jim Crandall. If anyone can help fill in the missing issues, please contact the webmaster by clicking the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the screen. Clarence’s current work can be seen at:

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