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Important: This page is for the renewal of existing memberships only.  New members click here for application form.

Payment Information

The annual fee for those in Southern California is $26.00 (Zip Code 90000 to 93300). For those living more distant, the annual fee is $22.00 (unless you want the special flyers on meetings and local events, in which case the fee is $26.00).

Renew existing membership: $26 (Local)
Renew existing membership: $22 (Non-Local)

To pay by check:

Please make out your check to “TC Motoring Guild” or TCMG” and mail to:

TC Motoring Guild
1454 Chase Terrace
El Cajon, CA 92020

To pay with Zelle: (preferred method)

Send payment to

To pay online through PayPal, use the following form:

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