Lame Duck Kup

(aka Lame Duk Kup)

The Lame Duk Trophy

The Lame Duk Trophy

The Lame Duck Kup event has become an annual tradition for the TC Motoring Guild.  It was started in 1982 as a kite flying competition where the highest altitude achieved was the winner.  The victor was awarded a golden (actually brass) duck to keep for one year, until the next year’s event.  Traditionally held in the fifth week of January (somewhere between January 32nd and 39th), it has also included other types of competition such as navigational / clue rallies and Duck Funkhanas where participants entered their toy ducks in a series of competitions.  These included a Duck Concourse (best decorated duck), downhill racing (cheating encouraged), Duck Sailing and Duck Flying which was achieved by stuffing an archery bow into the rear of a TC and launching the ducks into a trash can lid full of water. A more complete (and amusing) history can be read by clicking here.

Past Winners:

Jan. 1982: Don Pepper and Roger Morey
Jan. 1983: Jeanne and Joe Douglass, Patrick Mauch
Jan. 1984: The team of Miller, Zaputos and Signey
Jan, 1985: Insta-Maniacs – Mealor, Binford and Mauch
Jan. 1986: Jim and Norma Crandall
Jan. 46, 1987: Clarence and Barbara Weiss
1988: Harvey Schnaer
1989: Gorden Bundy
Jan. 1990: Dave Coleman
Jan. 1991: Jim Crandall
1992: Clarence and Barbara Weiss
1993: Bobbie and Ron Simon
1994: ?
1995: ?
1996: George Kershaw
1997: George Kershaw
Jan. 1998: Cindy and Tony Henkels (Kite Flying Contest)
Jan. 33, 1999: Harvery Schnaer (Kite Flying Contest)
2000: David and Joyce Edgar (Kite Flying Contest)
Jan. 2001: Stan and Esther Belland (Kite Flying Contest)
2002: Cindy and Tony Kenkles (Kite Flying Contest)
Jan. 47, 2003: Annabel and Bob Goldstein (Kite Flying Contest)
Jan. 46, 2004: Paul Gulsrud (Kite Flying Contest)
Jan. 44, 2005: Bobbie Simon (Kite Flying Contest)
2006: Pete and Fran Thelander (“Da Finchy Code” clue rally)
Jan. 35, 2007: Linda Simmons (“Da Finchy Ode” clue rally)
Jan. 47, 2008: The Colemans and the Wilmers (“Da Finchy Ode” clue rally)
Jan. 52, 2009: Pete and Fran Thelander (Navigational rally and duck hunt)
Jan. 38, 2010: Bobbie Simon (Duck funkhana)
Jan. 43, 2011: Joyce Edgar (Duck funkhana)
Jan. 42, 2012: Steve Simmons (Duck funkhana)
Jan. 40, 2013: Joyce Edgar (Duck funkhana)
Jan. 46, 2014: David Edgar (Miniature Golf Tournament)
Jan. 38, 2015: Joyce Edgar (Miniature Golf Tournament)
Jan. 37, 2016: Richard and Sandra Loe (Driving Clue Rallye)
Jan. 42, 2017: Richard and Sandra Loe (Driving Clue Rallye)

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