Early June

Posted by Steve Simmons on May 27, 2015


The 59th Annual TCMG / ARR Conclave will be held this October in Cambria. Watch the Calendar Page for more details.

For those going for the Sargent Trophy, note that we have two official events this month – the much anticipated Mount Wilson Tour on June 6 and GoF West June 15-19 in Rohnert Park.

Check out our Regalia Page for new regalia items! We have just added two jigsaw puzzles to our regalia offerings. These are the same puzzles featured in our annual Puzzle Night competitions! They feature the lineups from our 2013 and 2014 TCMG / ARR Conclaves. Quantities are limited, so buy yours before they are all gone!


Our next monthly meeting is the always enjoyable Henkels Picnic!  Join us on June 23 at the Henkels home and bring a picnic dinner.  Desserts are provided by our hosts.  For those returning from GoF West, bring your awards or other items of interest to share.  There will be lots of tire kicking and gawking at Tony’s many “big boy toys”, along with the usual good company.  Don’t miss out, be there!

Many thanks to our guest speaker at the May meeting, Mike Simmons, who gave an excellent talk about the location of our June tour, Mount Wilson Observatory.


Our next event takes us to Rohnert Park for GoF West 2015.  If you have not yet registered, act now!  Contact Pete Thelander for caravan information to and from the event.

Early June Recap: 32 members and guests along with six TCs took part in our VIP tour of Mount Wilson Observatory. See the upcoming newsletter for full coverage of the event!

For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.


The June Midget Chassis is online and ready for viewing. Click here to view on screen, or click here for a printable booklet version.

To view past newsletters, including one from way back in April 1958, visit the Newsletter Page.


TC Motoring Guild welcomes our newest member!


February 25: New info added to the Sargent Award page.

February 8: New photos added for Malcolm & Joyce Buckeridge.

January 24: New page added for member Kregg Hunsberger.

January 24: New photos added for Jim & Jan Sullivan.

January 10: New page added for the Iron Bottom Award.

October 11: New page added for the 1970 Conclave.

October 11: New color photos added to the 1959 Conclave page.

September 25: New TC added to Richard and Sandra Loe’s page.

September 25: New page added for the 1965 Conclave.

September 25: New page added for member Roy Jones.

September 6: New photos added for members Mike and Julie Wilson.

September 3: New article added to the History Pages titled “The Breakdown That Never Happened“.

September 3: New section added to the History Page called “The Stories We Tell”.

As always we are seeking photos for the Members Gallery showing you and your TC. We also welcome member biographies so your fellow TCMG’ers can learn a bit about you, your history with your TC or anything else you care to write about. Historic photos and stories are also being sought to expand our TCMG History section on the site. Please send what you have to Steve Simmons.

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