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Posted by Steve Simmons on February 8, 2015


TCMG Loses Two Of Our Cherished Members

Stan Roman, January 2015

Earlier this month we lost a well known and beloved member, Stan Roman. Stan and Anita joined TC Motoring Guild way back in 1969 and have been active members for much of the time since. Even after they sold their TC due to health issues, the Romans remained active, participating in many of our events and meetings year after year. The accompanying photo shows the Romans at our Halloween Party several years ago.

Services for Stan were held on January 9. Fifteen TCMG’ers were present along with a pair of TCs in the procession. To send cards or letters of sympathy, see the club membership directory for the Roman’s mailing address. The January newsletter will feature more about Stan and his time in the club.

Phil Marino, December 2014

It is our sad duty to announce the passing of Phil Marino, a long-time TCMG member and devoted MG TC enthusiast. Phil was a talented machinist whose components are running in many of our cars today. He was a pioneer in the modern, unbreakable axles that we all enjoy as well as the creator of countless other parts that make our lives easier including spin-on oil filter adapters, brass master cylinders and much, much more. As a 30-year member of the TC Motoring Guild, he became a friend and mentor to many TC owners and he will be missed by each and every one.

Services for Phil were held on December 29th. Several TCs were present, many with Phil’s parts installed, and they all caravaned together from the service in his honor. Look to the January newsletter for more about Phil Marino and the people he befriended in his journeys.


tc-carbsOur next monthly will be held on February 24. David Edgar will be speaking about the SU carburetors found on our TCs. Examples will be on hand for members to see up close in various states of assembly. Don’t miss this very interesting presentation! Doors open at 7:30 PM. For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.


strathearn-park1Our March event will take us on a tour of Strathearn Historical Park & Museum in Simi Valley. The site features numerous buildings from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. See historic homes from the area, exhibits on the early history of the region and vehicles ranging from horse-drawn wagons to early automobiles.

strathearn-park2We will meet for breakfast on March 28 in Chatsworth before departing on a 25-mile scenic tour to the park. Our driving route will take us along scenic back roads (no freeway) over the Santa Susana Mountains and through Simi Valley. Lunch will follow the tour at a nearby restaurant.

Watch for a flyer in the mail, or look to the March newsletter for additional information.

February Recap: Congratulations to David Edgar for winning the Lame Duk Kup at our February event.  Joining the festivities were 15 members and 5 TC, driven by Edgar (140 miles each way), Simmons, Loe, Buckeridge (120 miles each way) and Spindler.

For more meeting and event information, visit the Calendar Page.


The March Midget Chassis is online and ready for viewing. Click here to view on screen, or click here for a printable booklet version.

To view past newsletters, including one from way back in April 1958, visit the Newsletter Page.


TC Motoring Guild welcomes our newest members!


February 8: New photos added for Malcolm & Joyce Buckeridge.

January 24: New page added for member Kregg Hunsberger.

January 24: New photos added for Jim & Jan Sullivan.

January 10: New page added for the Iron Bottom Award.

October 11: New page added for the 1970 Conclave.

October 11: New color photos added to the 1959 Conclave page.

September 25: New TC added to Richard and Sandra Loe’s page.

September 25: New page added for the 1965 Conclave.

September 25: New page added for member Roy Jones.

September 6: New photos added for members Mike and Julie Wilson.

September 3: New article added to the History Pages titled “The Breakdown That Never Happened“.

September 3: New section added to the History Page called “The Stories We Tell”.

August 31: New color photo added to the 1961 Conclave page.

August 14: New page added for the 1962 TCMG / ARR Conclave.

August 10: New photos and information added to the 1961 Conclave page.

August 10: New page added to the History Section about the first MG TC in California.

August 6: New photo added for members William and Janet Wood.

As always we are seeking photos for the Members Gallery showing you and your TC. We also welcome member biographies so your fellow TCMG’ers can learn a bit about you, your history with your TC or anything else you care to write about. Historic photos and stories are also being sought to expand our TCMG History section on the site. Please send what you have to Steve Simmons.

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