2004 Event Archives

January: General Meeting
“Ard’s Tourist Trophy Anniversary Celebration” by Pete Thelander

January: Lame Duck Kite Fly

February: General Meeting
“1st Annual TCMG / ARR Conclave”

March: General Meeting
“Don Weavers” on his racing career

March: Klassic Kars Knodlen & Yodelin’ Tour
Tour of Otis Chandler Collection

March: MG Reunion at Laguna Seca
(unofficial event)

April: General Meeting
“Hobby Night”

April: Rte 66 Desert Rat Cinder Cone Tour

May: General Meeting
“M.G. History” by Pete Thelander

June: General Meeting
“Members’ Other Cars” parking lot show

June: Western Heritage Topanga Canyon Tour

July: General Meeting and Henkels Picnic

August: General Meeting
“1976 Crandall Film Epic”

September: General Meeting

September: Kinetic Sculpture Race

October: General Meeting and Halloween Potluck

October: 48th TCMG/ARR Conclave

November: General Meeting
Video presentation by Pete Thelander

December: Annual Holiday Party

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