TCMG / ARR Annual Conclave

Once per year in the fall season, members of both TC Motoring Guild and Abingdon Rough Riders (our sister club in the bay area) meet in a central location for a weekend of driving and socializing.  The location is different each year, alternating between coastal and inland towns.  This has been going on officially since 1957, without fail each year.  The traditional lineup of events includes a driving tour or rallye, a banquet dinner and a TC lineup photo.  Informal and impromptu gatherings in the mornings and evenings offer more social time and tire kicking, and you can usually find “unscheduled tech sessions” in the parking lot.

The photo at the top of this web site was taken at our 2010 conclave in Fish Camp, California.  After all these years, TCs and their owners from both clubs still make a strong showing.

Conclave locations

(if underlined, click for photos and info)

1957 San Luis Obispo
1958 San Luis Obispo
1959 Carmel
1960 Sequoia
1961 San Simeon
1962 Sequoia
1963 Sequoia
1964 Cambria
1965 Huntington Lake
1966 Carmel
1967 Sequoia
1968 Kings Canyon
1969 Cambria
1970 Sky Ranch
1971 Sequoia
1972 San Simeon
1973 Sky Ranch
1974 Monterey
1975 Sky Ranch
1976 Morro Bay
1977 Murphys
1978 Cambria
1979 Sequoia
1980 Morro Bay
1981 Murphys
1982 Cambria
1983 Sky Ranch
1984 Cambria
1985 Sky Ranch
1986 Avila Beach
1987 Murphys
1988 Cambria
1989 Wawona
1990 Morro Bay
1991 Wawona
1992 Pismo Beach
1993 Sequoia
1994 Cambria
1995 Mariposa
1996 Pismo Beach
1997 Wawona
1998 Paso Robles
1999 Sky Ranch
2000 Paso Robles
2001 Murphys
2002 Cambria
2003 Sky Ranch
2004 Cambria
2005 Sequoia
2006 Morro Bay
2007 Morro Bay
2008 Oakhurst
2009 Cambria
2010 Fish Camp
2011 San Luis Obispo
2012 Fish Camp
2013 San Luis Obispo
2014 Sonora
2015 Cambria
2016 San Luis Obispo
2017 Morro Bay
2018 Fish Camp
2019 Morro Bay
2020 San Luis Obispo
2021 Cambria
2022 Cambria
2023 Paso Robles

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