2017 TCMG / ARR Conclave

Morro Bay, California

2017 Conclave lineup

Lineup at the 2017 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Morro Bay, California.

The 61st annual TCMG / ARR Conclave was held October 7-9, 2017 in Morro Bay, California. 28 members with 8 TCs (one a TA actually) took part.  The group arrived on Saturday evening and enjoyed happy hour and socializing, then split up for an “on your own” dinner in town.  Sunday’s driving tour visited scenic vistas along the Pacific Coast before returning for a banquet dinner on the waterfront at the hotel.  Monday morning saw a lineup of 7 TCs and 18 of the 28 participants.

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Members in attendance with TCs (15)
Name Club Affiliation
Chalmers, Allan & Linda ARR / TCMG
Einhorn, Kay & Larry TCMG
Loe, Richard and Sandra TCMG
Marcotte, Joe & Pat ARR / TCMG
Palmer, Ken & Carolynne (TA, not in photo) ARR
Pedersen, Leo & Martha TCMG
Thelander, Pete & Fran TCMG
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Members and guests in attendance without TCs (13)
Name Club Affiliation
Appell, Mel & Toni TCMG
Bundy, Gorden & June W. TCMG
Crandall, Jim & Norma TCMG
Glass, Gordon & Mimi TCMG
Roth, Gene TCMG
Sorensen, Curt & Jan TCMG
Spindler, Ron & Diane TCMG


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