2021 TCMG / ARR Conclave

Cambria, California

2021 Conclave lineup

Lineup at the 2021 TCMG / ARR Conclave in Cambria, California.

The 65th annual TCMG / ARR Conclave was held October 2-4, 2021 in Cambria, California. Being held on the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that turnout was smaller than usual but there were still 7 TCs and 20 participants.  Three additional TCs had planned to attend but had to cancel at the last moment.

On a sunny morning, two TCs (Zucca & Loe) and a modern (Bundy) headed north via CA-101 after waving goodby to Steve and Linda Simmons (with Linda’s homemade cookies in hand) to participant in Conclave 65.  In a few miles a third TC (Lemieux) pulled into the line and off we went to meet ARR in Cambria.  The Loe’s TC sputtered periodically, but we motored on.  The 101 route guarantees sun, fog and wind which translate to too hot to too cold in a matter of minutes.  The lunch stop was at Kay’s Orcutt Country Kitchen.  By mid afternoon we arrived at the Bluebird Inn moments before the ARR contingent pulled in and we all joined the Woody station wagon car group already in the parking lot.  In early evening as the fog rolled in, we gathered in the patio around the fire pit for happy hour.  

Sunday morning seven TCs, a TF, and a modern toured into Cayucos via #1, #46 and the Old Creek Road.  Since the Loe’s supercharged TC continued to misbehave on hills, Howard Shempp offered to lead and the Loe’s brought up the rear.  After arriving, everyone was on their own to explore the Cayucos Pier, antique store, and local restaurants.  Upon returning to the Bluebird Inn, the TCs lined up for the group photo since some attendees hoped to leave early on Monday morning.  Completing the annual meeting of the north/south clubs was a banquet at the Indigo Moon.  Bill Young who was unable to attend, sent two copies of his book “My First Hundred Cars” to be awarded to two participants.  Richard decided to give the first to the participant that had attended the most Conclaves.  That was Allan Chalmers.  Since Allan already had a copy, the second place participant, Bill Traill, received the book.  The second copy was given to the attendee who was coming to their first Conclave, Rob Zucca & Carol Sorensen.

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Members and guests in attendance with TCs (12)
Name Club Affiliation
Lemieux, Cliff TCMG
Loe, Richard and Sandra TCMG
Shempp, Howard & Carolyn ARR / TCMG
Stobbe, Jeff & Colleen ARR
Swackhamer, Barry & Sue ARR
Traill, Bill ARR / TCMG
Zucca, Rob & Carol Sorensen TCMG
Members in attendance without TCs (8)
Name Club Affiliation
Appell, Mel TCMG
Bundy, Gorden & June W. TCMG
Chalmers, Allan & Linda (Porsche 356) ARR / TCMG
Palmer, Ken ARR
Sanders, Terry & Cindy Weiss (MG TF) ARR


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