Earl Sargent Memorial Trophy

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Earl Sargent Award

The Earl Sargent Memorial Trophy

The Earl Sargent Memorial Trophy is awarded to the TCMG member who accumulates the most points for driving their TC to various club activities.  Points are accumulated each year starting the day after our Annual Holiday Party until the next year’s Holiday Party.  Points for the trophy are awarded to TCMG members in the following manner:

  • Two points are awarded for attending TCMG driving events, including long distance events such as Annual Conclaves and GoF West, with an MG TC. (One point if TC is housed at event location and not driven, but it must be displayed)
  • One point is awarded for attending TCMG club meetings with an MG TC. (TC must be parked at meeting, not on trailer)
  • Driving a TC to and from an event or meeting will yield a 25% bonus for distances over 100 miles each way, or 50% for more than 500 miles each way. Mileage is calculated by actual distance driven to event, not by shortest possible route.
  • Attending an event spanning three or more days will award a half point bonus (must attend entire event or all major activities with TC to qualify).  This bonus is a fixed amount, not increased by distance bonus.
  • One point is awarded for attending Tech Sessions (those which are listed officially in the TCMG calendar) with your TC.
  • The memorial service for any TCMG member is considered a club affair, therefore one point is awarded for attending in a TC, so long as the service is announced to the club by print or email beforehand.
  • At the discretion of the TCMG council, partial points may be awarded for failed attempts (i.e. break downs), to bring a TC to any of the aforementioned activities.

Ties are broken by total number of driving events and meetings attended with a TC. In the event there is still a tie, driving events shall weigh more heavily than meetings.  If the parties tied have each achieved 100% attendance at all official TCMG activities for the year, then all tie breaker rules are disregarded and a tie is announced.

For a complete explanation of rules regarding this trophy, CLICK HERE.  Or, to learn more about achieving a perfect attendance, see the Iron Bottom Award page.

Current 2020 Points Standings


Name Event Points Total Points
Loe January Meeting
February Event – Lame Duk Kup
February Meeting
March Event – Lanterman House
Simmons January Meeting
February Event – Lame Duk Kup
February Meeting
March Event – Lanterman House
Lemieux January Meeting
February Event – Lame Duk Kup (partial points, mechanical)
February Meeting
March Event – Lanterman House
Hunsberger February Event – Lame Duk Kup 2 2
Spindler February Event – Lame Duk Kup 2 2


Past recipients

(from 2012 on, click to view final standings for each year)

1991 Clarence Weiss
1992 Harvey Schnaer
1993 Harvey Schnaer
1994 Phil Marino
1995 Harvey Schnaer
1996 Harvey Schnaer
1997 Doug Wimer
1998 Tony Henkels
1999 Harvey Schnaer
2000 David & Joyce Edgar
2001 David & Joyce Edgar
2002 David & Joyce Edgar
2003 David & Joyce Edgar
2004 Gene & Karen Olson
2005 Gene & Karen Olson
2006 Gene & Karen Olson
2007 Gene & Karen Olson
2008 Gene & Karen Olson
2009 Steve & Linda Simmons
2010 Gene & Karen Olson
2011 David & Joyce Edgar
2012 Steve & Linda Simmons
2013 Steve & Linda Simmons
2014 Steve & Linda Simmons
2014 Richard & Sandra Loe (co-win)
2015 Richard & Sandra Loe
2016 Richard & Sandra Loe
2017 Richard & Sandra Loe
2018 Steve & Linda Simmons
2019 Richard & Sandra Loe


Fun Facts

Most wins:
Gene & Karen Olson, with six wins between 2004 and 2010.

Most consecutive wins:
Gene & Karen Olson, winning five consecutive years from 2004 through 2008.

Closest competition*:
Steve & Linda Simmons and Richard & Sandra Loe in 2014.  Simmons led with greater mileage but an  overall tie was awarded due to perfect attendance of both parties.

Highest accumulated score*:
Richard & Sandra Loe with 40 points in 2015.

Highest accumulated score by a female driver*:
Kay Einhorn with 9 points in 2017.

Longest period of time with perfect attendance*:
Richard & Sandra Loe, from January 2014 through May 2018.  Using the same TC, the Loes attended 104 total club activities, or 99 calendar meetings and events.  Their streak was only broken when the car suffered a terminal breakdown on the way to the June 2018 event.

* Since the current points system became active in 2012

Earl Sargent

Earl Sargent

Earl Sargent Memorial Trophy Plaque

Earl Sargent Memorial Trophy Plaque

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