TC Motoring Guild at the 1968 Times Grand Prix

On Sunday, October 27, 1968, members of TC Motoring Guild participated in the Times Grand Prix, parading world-class drivers around the track at Riverside Raceway in California, USA.  Below is an article printed in the LA Times about the upcoming event.  There are a few items worth noting including the author’s idea of vehicle upkeep being “waxing and polishing chrome”. The dates of manufacture are also wrong, stating the TC started production in 1947 when it was in fact 1945.  The claim that only 100 cars remained in the USA is also grossly incorrect, as more TCs from the 10,000 produced came here than the rest of the world combined, and at the time of this writing (2019), in our club alone there are 100 cars.  In 1968 there were likely still thousands of them in the country.


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