John & Georgia Bowyer

John & Georgia Bowyer

John & Georgia Bowyer’s TCs and TD

Name: John & Georgia Bowyer

Location: Spring, Texas

TCs owned:
1946 MGTC 1733 / gold seal engine, Black / Green
1949 MGTC 7474 EXU / XPAG 8186, Yellow / Red
1948 MGTC 7499 (no engine), Black

TC 1733 was imported from the UK in the 70’s by George Felbin (PA), sold to to Mark Smith shortly after (PA and VA). Eventually to L. Scott Pedersen (PA) and then to John in 2017. Car was badly represented and had the replacement engine, body rusted, rotted wood and needs an extreme rebuild. Still has the BMC and MOWOG stickers on the gold valve cover.

TC 7474 EXU was purchased in San Francisco, January 1974 from Gerald Andelin. A previous owner to that was R. F. Dowler in the bay area. Has a dual spare tyre carrier, and is in show condition. John has a letter from MG in Abingdon (when it was still open) stating that the TC was finished on January 7, 1949. However the build date is December 23, 1948 so some conflict information. Not sure what “Finished” means. It was titled in California when John bought it as a 1950 but John got the changed to 1949.

Also owns a 1952 TD

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