Pete & Lisa Gannon

Pete & Lisa Gannon

Pete Gannon with TC3195

Name: Pete & Lisa Gannon

Location: Tempe, Arizona

TCs owned:
1949 MGTC 9853 / XPAG ????, Black / Red
1947 MGTC 3195 / XPAG ????, Black / Red

TC9853 is an unrestored 25,000 mile. Original paint,Top, interior and mechanical. This is a very PURE car. Has won many awards for Most pure car from the MGT register club in the 1970’s. Also the Historic Vehicle Association most pure a cart the Phoenix Concourse 2017.

TC3195 was restored from parts car in 2017 to match the other TC that I own that is the Unrestored original car in my listing above.

My first car in 1969 was a MG TD. I was 13 years old at the time. I have a 1949 MG YT that Barry Briskman restored for me in 1991. Also own a 1979 MGB with 14,500 miles.

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