Pat Garity

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Name: Pat Garity

Location: El Cajon, California

TCs owned:
1947 TC 3810 / XPAG 4485, Red / Bisquit

Recent “barn find”. I have known the car and its previous owner since the 70’s. A small group of us T Type owners called ourselves the Abingdon Lowriders (apologies to those up north). The car wore an Earl Shieb paint job of orange paint. The car was dubbed “Sunkist”. The previous owner and another Lowrider restored it. The car was shown once, took a first and was driven home, covered up and the garage door was closed for 37 years! I purchased the car a few months back and loaded it on my trailer. New gas, tires and brakes. A fuel pump and a carb overhaul. I still haven’t driven it on the road. Soon Sunkist will be back on the road.

Also owns 2 TDS one which once belonged to the actor Darren McGaven, a 57 MGA and a 73 B. One TR4 project.

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