Jonathan Lane & Val Shockley

Jonathan Lane & Val Shockley

Jonathan Lane & Val Shockley’s TC7159

Name: Jonathan Lane & Val Shockley

Location: Greenwood Village, Colorado

TCs owned:
1949 MGTC 7159 / XPAG ????, Blue / Biscuit

Jonathan writes:

Was built into a race car back in the early ’90s and campaigned all over the east coast. Sold about 10 years ago and only raced a couple times by the new owner. I bought it in 2017 and have been fixing stuff and racing it ever since. Has 16″ wheels with Dunlop R5 racing tires, Cycle fenders. Engine is an XPAG that has been bored and sleeved to 1466cc. Has a ported and polished Lucas Laystall aluminum cylinder head and about 12:1 compression using 110 octane race fuel. 1.5″ SU H4 carbs, racing camshaft, flat tappets, billet crank and custom Saenz connecting rods and forged JE Pistons. Goldstar racing clutch and flywheel that weighs 10lbs. Ive not had it on a dyno but i think it safe to say it its making double the power it had when it left Abingdon. Gotta say, its really a hoot to drive. I’m starting to feel comfortable in the car and I’m really impressed with how well the car handles. It’s so neutral. It’s no wonder so many people raced those cars back in the day.

I also have a 1966 MGB that is also a race car as well as a 1971 MGB-GT that is a road car that I’ve had since 1985. I’ve got my eye on a ’49 EXU TC that belongs to a friend’s father. He bought it as a project about 40+ years ago and has done nothing to it. Trying to figure out how to get it without ending up divorced.

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