Mike and Sherri Simmons

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Mike and Sherri Simmons’ TC9849 EXU

Name: Mike and Sherri Simmons

Location: Agoura, California

TCs Owned:
1949 TC 9849 EXU / XPAG 10507 (Shared with Steve Simmons)

This TC was previously owned by TCMG member Roger Morey (1970’s-2019) and before him TCMG member Robert Beck (60’s/70’s?).  It was disassembled at least 40 years ago is is currently in many pieces but undergoing restoration.
Color is unknown, but shows signs of Regent Red, British Racing Green, Bright Red, Aqua, Clipper Blue, Sequoia Cream and Black.

Mike writes:

Production date October 3, 1949*. EXU with modifications. Still figuring it out. I understand that’s when it entered the production line. The date it came off the production line is unknown. I came off the production line within weeks, on October 31, 1949. When I entered the production line is unknown, estimated February or March 1949.

I’ve driven sports cars since 1966 when I learned to drive on my father’s MGB and my mother’s Mustang (automatic). My father handed the MGB down to me in the late 1970’s when he got an Alfa Romeo Spider. I’ve driven roadsters ever since, with less than a year in other cars, buying Miatas since 1990. I handed down my father’s MGB to my son, Steve, who was apparently infected with MG fever, for which there is apparently no known cure. Now he has reinfected me.

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