Steve and Linda Simmons

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Steve and Linda Simmons with TC 8975 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during GoF West 2009

Name: Steve and Linda Simmons

Location: Southern California

Web Site:

TCs Owned:
1949 TC 8975 / XPAG 9606, Red / Black
1948 TC 7018 / XPAG 7828

TC8975 was purchased in England in 1970 by a New Yorker who eventually passed it onto his son. The car made its way from New York to Colorado and then to Los Angeles. After 30 years in the same family, we bought it in May, 2005.  It is lovingly maintained but will never be fully restored, as we prefer a bit of dirt in the arches to a trailer queen.  We have driven the TC on numerous trips, some spanning thousands of miles.

Other Vehicles:
1937 MG SA Saloon
1946 John Deere AN Tractor
1958 MGA
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible
1965 MGB
1967 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8
1967 MGB GT (RHD)
1969 MGC GTS (RHD)

About Us:

A brief history of Steve and his MGs, written by Steve…

My MG history dates back to my childhood, which was spent riding around in my father’s 1965 MGB.  It was his father’s before him and had been in the family since nearly new.  It is the car that started me onto the slippery slope of the classic car hobby.  As a teenager it became my first car, and today it still resides in my garage.  I bought a second MG shortly after, a 1967 MGB GT.  Keeping two beat-up MGBs on the road with a teenage income proved too much of a challenge so I sold the GT the following year.

Years later I was fortunate enough to marry a woman who grew to love the same type of cars that I do.  This led to me buying her a 1958 MGA for Valentine’s Day, although it was really just a ploy to get one so I could drive it.  I’m sure she saw right through my plans but let me think I was clever anyway.  After the MGA came a 1953 MG YB Saloon to satisfy our craving for something older and more “proper” M.G.  We had this car for several years before selling it to someone who would drive it more often.  This was the last M.G. I ever sold.

Not long after the YB arrived, I grew tired of my daily driver and decided to get another.  The old MGB which had served me daily for many years was not able to carry the type of equipment I needed for work, so I got something bigger… another 1967 MGB GT.  Unlike the one I had as a teenager, this one was fully restored and to this day still serves as a daily driver.

Thinking that our stable was full with the B, BGT, MGA and YB, we came across a great deal on the car we had always wanted – an MG TC.  We struck a deal and brought the car home where it was returned to regular service after many years of non-use and neglect.  It quickly became our favorite car and remains so today.  It has taken us on many adventures from multi-thousand miles tours to off-road trails through the mountains.

The next to find its way here is another that I’ve always had a soft spot for.  It’s a 1969 MGC GTS tribute.  This is a departure from our other car styles with its bigger engine and less nimble handling, but it’s a blast to drive.  With six M.G.s now in the stable, it was at this point we decided to sell the YB.  The remaining five are still with us, for a time alongside two old Fords – a 1925 Model T Roadster Pickup and a 1939 V8 Pickup (both now sold on to make room), and the heaviest vehicle in the stable, a big 1946 John Deere AN tractor.  Then just when we thought we were done, Linda bought a 1959 Morris Minor that she now drives almost daily.  And somehow, two more TCs, both basket cases, found their way into the garage.  And most recently we purchased a very original 1937 MG SA Saloon.  I think the garage is officially full.

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