Mike & Pam Tooke

Mike & Pam Tooke

Mikel & Pam Tooke

Name: Mike & Pam Tooke

Location: Santa Paula, California

TCs owned:
 1947 TC 3742 / XPAG 3948, BRG / Biscuit

TC was purchased in Connecticut in July 2014.  Previous owners were an elderly couple who bought the car in 1998 and had it restored by M&G Vintage Motors in Tuxedo Park, NY. It had only been driven 981 miles in the 16 years they owned it. The owner before that was from New Hampshire, and planned to flip it but never got started.

Mike previously owned a TC in 1970 as well as a couple of MGBs and Bugeye Sprites between 1966 and 1990.

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