Bob & Leigh Ann Weber

Bob & Leigh Ann Weber

Bob & Leigh Ann Weber

Name: Bob & Leigh Ann Weber

Location: Valdosta, Georgia

TCs owned:
1949 MGTC 3840 / XPAG 8444 (engine is actually XPEG, number unknown), Green / Tan

Bob writes:
Phillip Ellman, previous TCMG member, sold the car to (I think) Heinz and Mary Ellen Kunofh of Long Beach CA in 2005. Curiously the title shows XPAG 7858, although it seems to have XPAG 8444 now and that number was on the Bill of Sale when the car was sold to Albert Clearman of Payson AZ in March of 2017. Albert’s estate sold the car to Choice Auto and Truck of Payson AZ in 2022. I purchased it from Choice Auto and Truck in Dec of 2022. The title still showed XPAG 7858 as a VIN for the car. I don’t know where they got that number and it is nowhere on the car. Maybe a prior engine swap out but who knows. Original engine from the factory would have been XPAG 4471. Am told that Mike Goodman put the current TF 1500 engine in for Phillip Ellman.

Just an aside, the car is absolutely beautiful. A first class restoration and hardly driven since 2005.

Also owns a 1962 MGA 1600MKII and a daily driver 1965 MGB.


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