Fred & Karen Weisberger

Fred & Karen Weisberger

Fred & Karen Weisberger

Name: Fred & Karen Weisberger

Location: Fallbrook, California

TCs owned:
1948 MGTC 6954 / XPAG 7669, Regency Red / Biscuit

Fred writes:

I have owned four TCs in the past 30+ years, but this one is the best—the “keeper” (photos attached).

I am originally from Hawaii. We moved to Fallbrook, CA last year. Good friend in Hawaii, Willie Williams (former TCMG member) and I bought our first TCs the same year. Willie went on to buy a nice variety of early MGs (J2, TA, TC, TD, TF), while I bought three more TCs and two TDs. My wife and I accompanied Willie to a few GOFs in the 1990s.

One could say I was raised to love the MG TC. My father’s best friend in High School had a MG TC and a 1936 Auburn Phaeton. My father always wanted a TC, but ended up buying a nearly new TD instead. He courted my mother in the TD. He later bought a 1914 Ford Model T and became involved with AACA for the next 60+ years, although he never forgot the MG TC. When he was not talking about Model Ts, he would talk about his TD and his dream of owning a TC.

I drove a 1960 MGA in high school and “graduated” to a 1966 Austin-Healey 3000 in college. In graduate school I sold the Healey and bought my first TC—my father couldn’t have been more pleased. I have owned a good number of antique cars over the years, but the charming little MG TC has always held a special place in my heart. My father’s longing has become my long term affection for the TC.

There are certainly many old sports cars out there which are faster and handle better, but none have the overall charm and history of the MG TC.

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