Brian Wescott

Gene Wescott and son Brian

Brian Wescott with father Gene

Name: Brian Wescott

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

TCs Owned:
1947 TC 3387 / XPAG 4060, Blue

The TC was originally black. In Jan 1959 there was a major engine overhaul, and the car was painted Mercedes Benz cream. In 1967 an oil line was lost, necessitating another major engine job. Bill Monroe repainted the car a bright red. Brian’s father Gene bought it in Oregon and drove and ferried it to Alaska. He had it painted blue in 1976 after driving it to Long Beach for a GoF. It was originally registered in England on 10 Sept. 1947, and issued license KMM 552, which is still on the car. Known owners and history as follows:

9 July, 1948 George Branston, Walthamston, Essex
2 Nov 1948 Fredrick Thomas Kilgore, Totenham, Middlesex.
30 Sept 1966 Michael Pearson, Enfield Middlesex
10 May 1967 Roy Leslie Herbert, London
July 1968 Bill Monroe, Astoria, Oregon
July 1974 Gene Wescott, Fairbanks, Alaska
February 2014 Brian Wescott, Fairbanks, Alaska

Brian also owned TC5503 which was previously owned by his father, TCMG member Gene Wescott, who we lost in 2014. TC5503 was sold to TCMG member Don McLish in 2019.

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