Mark Woodward

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Name: Mark Woodward

Location: Woodway, Texas

TCs owned:
1949 TC 8598 EXU / XPAG 9231, Cream / Green

Mark writes:
I’m the new & now 2nd owner of the car since it was built in 1949. Originally purchased new in England by Lt. Col. Alan Linville, a pilot in the United States Army Air Force who served in North Africa & the European Theatre in WWII. After the war, he was stationed in England & when reassigned back to the US sometime in the early 1950’s, he had the vehicle exported to America. It traveled to different locals with he & his family during their many reassignments in the Continental US & upon his retirement from the military in the mid-sixties, it languished in a state of disrepair in his garage until approximately 2010 when he began a 3 year restoration to return it to it’s former glory. He enjoyed driving & showing the car for several years until his death in 2015, where upon the car has languished covered by a tarp under his carport until I just recently purchased it in 2023 from his son. Strangely enough, I’ve known about the car since 1967, when I started dating & eventually marrying the Col’s daughter, so I have admired the car for almost 56 years myself. It started life as an all red TC, inside & out. During it’s restoration, it was painted Cream with a green interior, tan roof & tan tonneau cover. No other known modifications (yet).

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