March 2021 Paper TC Model Contest

Our March 2021 meeting featured a contest to build a Moss Motors paper MG TC.  Nine members entered paper MG TCs in a virtual car show, which was held online. The paper models supplied by Moss Motors were painstakingly assembled with creative and impressive results. Congratulations to all participants for jobs well done!

Winners were announced in multiple categories, as listed below. Pictured above is Rob Zucca’s diorama awarded best in show.

Most Creative / Best In Show: Rob Zucca

Theme: Diorama of TC crashed into tree

Features: Diorama style, skid marks in real dirt, crushed front end, cut out windscreen and steering wheel, colors match Rob’s TC.

Most Ambitious: Steve & Linda Simmons

Theme: Massive 2-foot Long TC

Features: Large scale, black & white occupants with cartoon bodies, detailed dash panel, cutout windscreen and steering wheel, dash top cut to create cowl humps, colors and license number matches the Simmons TC, painted underneath front and rear wings, matching interior door cards, folded front wing edges, heavy paper gussets to support weight.

Best Finish: Deb & Mark Acosta

Theme: Recreation of Moss Motors catalog cover

Features: Impressively shiny red paint, folded windscreen, colors match Acosta’s TC, Hurricane fighter model (hand built) in shot with TC.

Most Functional: Richard & Sandra Loe

Theme: TC Racer

Features: Real axles with solid wheels, wingless body style, roundels with racing number, modified and shortened front end, Brooklands windscreen.

Realism Award: David & Joyce Edgar

Theme: Poppy Tour matching March TCMG event

Features: Clear plastic windscreen glass, modified for fully round wheels, colors match the Edgar TC, photo themed to match this month’s driving event.  Coloring was done in Photoshop prior to printing, as was the full wheel modification and other changes. Also duplicated and colored the back side of the page so the inside door panels and color under the wings were there when printed back to back. Windscreen was cut out and filled in with Saran Wrap type of material.

Early Bird: Cliff Lemieux

Theme: 3-week Build

Features: Stock build with very precise assembly

Most Effort: Pete & Fran Thelander

Theme: His & Hers

Features: Each member built a separate model. Pete’s model matches the Thelander TC colors.

Paparazzi Award: Kregg Hunsberger

Theme: Accurate Clone

Features: Photographed model with matching real TC in scenic location, detailed dash panel.

Hard Luck: Dottie Smith

Theme: Work In Progress

Features: Didn’t finish in time but vows to complete it!  Colors match Dottie’s previous TC.

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