Late October

Posted by Steve Simmons on October 6, 2021


Our next monthly meeting will be held via Zoom on October 26.  TCMG member Mike Simmons has offered to give us an astronomy based travelogue program. He has had the opportunity of traveling to different countries and seeing how a common interest in astronomy brings people together. We all observe the same sky and are on the same planet. Mike has been an amateur astronomer and eclipse chaser for more than 40 years. He has worked at observatories and created worldwide programs to elucidate the wonders of the Universe. His passion for total solar eclipses has taken him to the Middle East, a mountain in the Andes, and other interesting locations. He has led eclipse tours, and he started his own astronomy-related tour company in early 2020 just in time to be temporarily put out of business by the pandemic. Mike will explain the extraordinary experience of a total solar eclipse, how it’s so much more than a few minutes of darkness, why you should travel into the Moon’s shadow yourself, and why there are people who spend their lives following that shadow.

The meeting starts at 6:00 PM (Pacific).  Members may join 15 minutes early.

Note that anyone making a simulated journey to the meeting in a TC by driving a minimum of 10 miles on the day of the meeting will receive a point toward the Sargent Award.

September recap: 23 members participated in our August meeting.  4 TCs were driven a simulated 10-mile journey by Loe, Lemieux, Hunsberger and Thelander.  Thanks to Allan Chalmers for a glimpse into the restoration of his MG TA!

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Our November event is still being planned.  Stay tuned for updates.

October Recap: 20 members, 7 TCs and some other classics and moderns attended the 65th annual TCMG / ARR Conclave in Cambria.  See the Conclave Pages for photos!

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The November Classic Chassis is online and ready for viewing!


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Welcome to our newest members!



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