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January 28: General Meeting

“Game Night”

The crowd favorite returns with your award-winning (through cheating) host, Gene Olson!  Teams will compete for fabulous prizes (or not) by participating in another of Gene’s devious TC-related games.  Test your knowledge about M.G. history and other subjects.


February 8: Lame Duk Kup

castleparkStart off the new year with a thrilling, no holds barred TC Motoring Guild miniature golf competition! The winner takes home our coveted Lame Duk Kup Trophy, to be treasured for one whole year. Lunch and awards will follow at a nearby Pub.

Meet on Saturday, January 39 (aka February 8) at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks at 9:00 AM, located on the west side of Sepulveda Blvd just north of the intersection of 101 and 405 freeways. Our competition begins shortly after we arrive. Price per person is $3.00 for one 18-hole round.

For more information see the January / February newsletter or contact Richard Loe.


February 25: General Meeting

Program: “History of the Automobile”

The program for the evening will consist of a documentary on the evolution of the automobile.  See how technologies spanning 9,000 years led to what we have today, from dog sleds to the invention of the wheel, from the Model T to self driving vehicles.  It’s a fascinating look at how man and machine have shaped the world together, and how it all came to be.


March 4: Lanterman House Tour


We will meet at and tour the Lanterman House in La Canada Flintridge on Wednesday, March 4th. This craftsman home was designed by Arthur Haley in 1915 for Dr. Roy Lanterman and his wife Emily. The property stayed in the Lanterman family until the two bachelor sons, who had continued to live in the house, died in the 1980s. At that point the home was given to the City of La Canada Flintridge. Therefore, the original amenities, furniture and decor remain. Dr. Lanterman was interested in the latest technology and the home has many period examples that reflect this, for instance this is the first residence west of the Mississippi built of reinforced concrete. One Lanterman son was a State Assemblyman and the other was an inventor who designed custom components for high performance vehicles. Fee for the tour is $3 for seniors or students and $5 for adults.

After the tour we will caravan to the historic Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain in South Pasadena for lunch. A woman entrepreneur had the building constructed and started the business in 1915. The menu is diverse with extravagant fountain desserts.  See the March newsletter for further details, or contact events chair Richard Loe.


March 24: General Meeting ***CANCELLED***

Program: “Hobby Night”

Bring your favorite non-TC hobby items for a show and tell. Learn more about your fellow TCMG’ers through their own hobbies. This one is always a crowd pleaser!

NOTE: Because the safety of our members is our primary concern, the upcoming meeting scheduled for March 24 has been cancelled due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus as well as uncertainty about the availability of our venue in these circumstances.  Check back for the latest updates about this and other upcoming activities.


April 5: Queen’s English Car Show ***POSTPONED***

NOTE: The organizers of this show have postponed until September.  Therefore this TCMG event is cancelled.

There will be a gathering of TCMG members and cars at this year’s Queen’s English Car Show and Auto Jumble in Woodley Park, Van Nuys.  This is a great opportunity to meet other English car enthusiasts and sell our club to TC owners that are not familiar with our group.

We will get together for lunch in the M.G. area at noon.  Either bring a lunch or get something at one of the food truck vendors that are typically on site.  Free admission for walk-ins, and for those bringing their TC, there is a discounted entry fee if you pre-register by March 15.  For more registration information, CLICK HERE. 


April 28: General Meeting ***CANCELLED***

Program: “Early MG Assembly by Malcolm Buckeridge”

NOTE: The April meeting has been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.

TCMG member Malcolm Buckeridge will be narrating an early silent film put out by the M.G. Car Company, showing the factory assembling pre-war cars.  Learn what they were doing and why as Malcolm explains each scene.


May 1-3: Fallbrook Double Day ***CANCELLED***

NOTE: As above, this event has also been cancelled.  Check back for the latest updates about this and other upcoming activities.

Fallbrook is known as “the friendly village” offering a country lifestyle a short distance from San Diego. It is situated immediately east of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton and once was a stagecoach stop for the stage that ran from Temecula to San Diego

Fallbrook is a center for the arts. In the 1940s and 1950s it was the home of film director Frank Capra, who raised olives on his Red Mountain Ranch. He served on the Board of the local water district and produced a short subject film about a water rights controversy with the federal government titled “The Fallbrook Story.” Among those that have had homes in Fallbrook are: Martin Milner, Howard Keel, and Tom Selleck.

We will kick off our weekend in the Fallbrook/Temecula area with lunch in Bonsall at Gorden and June’s “Rancho del Lago”. Mid afternoon we will caravan to Fallbrook for the night. On Saturday we will explore the De Luz Road and stop for lunch in Temecula at a British themed café. The afternoon will be “free time” to explore Old Town Temecula, antique shops or many wineries. Back in Fallbrook for dinner we will gather at one of Gorden’s favorite restaurants for dinner and entertainment by a saxophone player. Sunday morning we will finish up our activities with a group photo before heading home.

Please make reservations by April 15 at Rodeway Inn – 760/728-6174 or 760/728-6161– Rooms rates are $99/night + taxes. The Inn has set aside 12 rooms for us which are reserved under the name Richard Loe. After making a reservation, please contact Gorden or Richard so meal reservations can be made accordingly.


May 26: General Meeting ***CANCELLED***

NOTE: The April meeting has been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.

Program: “Good Eats”

Did you know that our own Larry Einhorn was once a TV host?  Watch an episode of his show “Good Eats” and hear commentary from Larry about what it took to film a show where the host got to eat his way to stardom!


May 1-17: Do It Yourself Tour

Due to our current restrictions and in an effort to ease back into TCMG activities, this month (May) we will have a “Drive Your TC” event. You simply drive your TC a minimum of 10 miles and take a photo of it at a local landmark (could be your trip to the PO or market). Then submit that photo by May 17th to David Edgar for the next newsletter. The advantage to this unusual event is that any member anywhere can participate while following social distancing practices.

Since this is an official TCMG event, Sargent points will be awarded if you drive your TC. There is no rule about where those events have to be, or how they are to be run. So this is an opportunity for you to be creative, exercise your TC, and earn Sargent points no matter where you live.

For those that would like to participate, but cannot get out in your TC, send a photo showing us what you are up to.


May 30: Autry Museum ***CANCELLED***

NOTE: Due to the temporary closure of the museum, this event has been cancelled.

On May 30 TCMG will tour the special exhibit, Dress Codes, at the Autry Museum.  We will gather at 10:45 in the museum’s parking lot.

There will be a discounted admission fee for our group: $8 for seniors, $12 Adults and $5 for children.  We will either have lunch at the Autry or a local restaurant.


June 1-14: Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt

The official TCMG event for June is a British themed scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Be creative and have fun. Driving your TC find three British places or things. For example a pub/restaurant, a British auto repair shop, a British car, or British themed street sign and take a photo including your car.

If such places are not readily available in your area, drive your TC to a scenic spot and set up your own scenario. Use your imagination and stage three photos with your car that say British to you. It could include Mike Sherrell’s book, a cup of tea, or the Union Jack. Surprise us.

You need to complete this adventure and submit your three photos to David Edgar, newsletter editor, by June 14th.

The intent is to exercise your TC, stay close to home, have fun thinking British, and reminisce about past TCMG events. If you complete these tasks driving your TC you will earn two Earl Sargent points.


June 23: General Meeting (ONLINE)

“Scavenger Hunt Stories”

NOTE: The June picnic originally scheduled on this date has been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.

Our June meeting will be held online using the Zoom application.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.  You can participate using any computer or device with the free Zoom software installed.  If you require assistance installing Zoom, contact Steve Simmons or David Edgar.  Our program for the evening will include members showing and talking about their scavenger hunt photos from our June event.


June 29-July 3: GoF West 2020 ***CANCELLED***

NOTE: Gof West 2020 has been postponed until next year due to Covid-19 concerns.  The event will be merged with GoF West 2021 at the same location.

GoF West 2020 will be held June 29 through July 3 in Welches, Oregon.  There will be a club caravan to and from this event.

For event information see the GoF West web site.


July 1-12: Historical Hunt

Our “Do it yourself” event for July is to drive to any local major or minor historical marker or site, photograph your TC at the site, and submit the photo along with a brief written description of the significance of the location (paragraph of no more than 150 words) for inclusion in the newsletter. Try to find a location with some sort of British connection, but anything will do since likely there are not many British related historical sites on the West coast. Perhaps our East coast members will be more likely to find something with a British tie. The intent is to drive your TC, get out of your house practicing social distancing, and inform other members about your area while staying within 20 miles of your home.  Please complete this task by July 12th and email your photo and paragraph to David Edgar.


July 19: Central Coast British Car Show (not a TCMG event) ***CANCELLED***

NOTE: The organizers of this show have cancelled due to Covid-19-related restrictions on large gatherings this Summer.  The show will be back a the same time next year.

Spend a day surrounded by classic lines at one of the best British car shows in Southern California.  Run by the Central Coast British Car Club, the show is set in the cool ocean breeze at Channel Islands Park in Oxnard.  What better way is there to spend a Summer day? The show also includes raffle drawings and trophies are awarded for all classes of cars. Food for purchase will be available on-site as well. The show runs from 9AM – 2:30PM.


July 28: General Meeting (Online)

NOTE: The July meeting has been moved to an online format due to Covid-19 concerns.

Program: “Historical Photos and Places”

Our July meeting will be held online using the Zoom application.  The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM PDT.  You can participate using any computer or device with the free Zoom software installed.  If you require assistance installing Zoom, contact Steve Simmons or David Edgar.

The evening’s program will be a slide show of “historical photos and places”.  Some of these will be photos submitted as part of the July “do it yourself event”, but may also include photos from those who can’t drive their cars or who no longer own a TC.  Such members are encouraged to submit photos from their history with their TC.  Any member can submit photos for the slide show and then share with the group what makes that photo significant in their history with the club or car.

Note that anyone making a simulated journey to the meeting in their TC by driving a minimum of 10 miles on the day of the meeting will receive a point toward the Sargent Award.


August 1-16: Favorite Eats

Our August “social distancing” event will be a self guided drive in your TC between August 1st and the 16th. The weather is perfect for an evening toot to your favorite local restaurant. You may not feel comfortable stopping to eat, but take a picture with your TC in front and submit it with a short paragraph explaining why it is your “go to” eating place. It could be because it is the popular neighborhood hangout or maybe it’s a hole-in-the-wall with excellent food.

To participate, email your photo and description to newsletter editor David Edgar by August 16th. To qualify for Sargent points, you are on your honor to drive your TC at least 10 miles and to submit an unaltered photograph with your paragraph.


August 25: General Meeting (Online)

Program: “Shared Memories”

NOTE: Our meeting on August 25th will be held online using the Zoom application.  The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM PDT.  You can participate using any computer or device with the free Zoom software installed.  If you require assistance installing Zoom, contact Steve Simmons or David Edgar.  Meeting invitations have been sent by group email.  If you have not received your invitation to join the meeting, contact Joyce Edgar.

Everyone can participate in sending a photo (please ID people in photo if possible, approximate date and location/event).  The photos selected are meant to stimulate memories for everyone, whether it is of the same event or of something similar they also attended. If you wish to share one of your memories or favorite photo or of a recent photo with a grandchild in the car, please send to Joyce Edgar by August 20, 2020 via email.
We can digitize a printed photo or slide if you want to send an original media (we will return the item), just send early as they take significantly more time for use to utilize.


September 22: General Meeting (Online)

Program: “MGTC and TCMG Fun!”

The evening’s program is “MGTC and TCMG Fun!”  Send your photos showing the fun of owning an MG TC, or good memories of TCMG activities (even breakdowns), to Joyce Edgar for inclusion in our meeting program.


September 1-30: Self-Guided Tour / Sign Hunt

NOTE: The Queen’s English Car Show / club picnic originally scheduled for this month has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions in LA County.

Due to the Queen’ English being postponed until April 2021, the TCMG September official event will be a self guided tour. In your area find a sign (one sign) that includes the four letters “MG TC” in any order. An example might be “Chicago Malt Shop” or “Merge into Traffic”. Then take a picture of your car with the sign and submit to David Edgar to be included in next month’s newsletter. Please complete this activity between now and the end of September. If you are interested in earning Sargent points, drive your TC at least 10 miles. Sorry, no photoshop photos or homemade signs will count toward Sargent points.


October 3-5: 64th Annual TCMG / ARR Conclave

2013-lineup200The 64th Annual Conclave of the TC Motoring Guild and Abingdon Rough Riders will be held Saturday through Monday, October 3-5 in San Luis Obispo.  This year’s gathering will have some changes to comply with Covid-19 restrictions as well as to ensure the safety of our members.  All major activities will be held outdoors on Sunday the 4th, and attendees are invited to stay at our host hotel, The Apple Farm, on Saturday and/or Sunday night to gain more time visiting with friends.  Those staying overnight should make reservations as soon as possible in order to receive our special group rates.

Details on Sunday’s activities will be announced by ARR, who are the host of this year’s event.

To see photos from previous years and learn about this event’s 60+ year history, visit the Conclave Pages.


October 27: General Meeting (Online)

NOTE: This meeting has been changed to an online format due to Covid-19 concerns.  We will no longer be meeting at the Simon Museum.

“Halloween Meeting”halloween-party

The evening’s program is will be a slide show of TCMG people celebrating Halloween or other costume activities. Joyce needs any photo contributions by Oct 15th. She would especially like to see some photos of TC decorated/dressed up for Halloween or Halloween decoration with an MG TC theme.


November:”T”hankful Photos

Our November ‘T‘hankful Photos event is another of our do-it-yourself tours.  Participants must drive 10 miles, and take a photo of their TC with something for which you are thankful.  Submit photos to David Edgar by November 8 to receive Sargent Award points.


November 17: General Meeting (Online)

NOTE: This meeting has been changed to an online format due to Covid-19 concerns.

Program: Alaska Adventure

NOTE DATE CHANGE! This meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month instead of the usual 4th Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

For our November program, TCMG members David Reid and Terry Schuller will recount their recent travels through Alaska.  A slide show will accompany the presentation.


December 6: Annual Meeting and Holiday Party ***PARTIALLY CANCELLED***

THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED BUT WILL BE RE-STRUCTURED AS A COVID-SAFE HOLIDAY ACTIVITY!  Please note that the fundraiser is still being held, and donations are appreciated.  See below for details.


Our final meeting for the year is the Annual Meeting and Holiday Party on December 6. Due to Covid-19 concerns, the in-person party has been cancelled and the meeting will be held online using the Zoom application. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM. You can participate using any computer or device with the free Zoom software installed. If you require assistance installing Zoom, contact Steve Simmons or David Edgar.

Join us and enjoy the following entertainment and activities:

Awards ceremonies for our three prestigious trophies:

    • Earl Sargent Memorial “Use it or lose it” Trophy
    • Frank Mason Award
    • Breakdown Award

Announcement of the 2021 TC Motoring Guild Executive Council.

Fundraiser to benefit Foster Children’s Resource Center.  The center provides emergency clothing and necessities to foster children referred by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). It gives each child new school clothing, a jacket, pajamas, socks, underwear, personal care items, a backpack, school supplies, a book, and a toy. Each child is given personal attention and treated with dignity and respect, helping them to feel special.  TCMG is donating $500, and one of our members has offered to match other member’s donations up to an additional $500.  Contact Joyce Edgar for donation information.


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